LAN Veteran

Has attended an ET LAN event


image: klamm_88x31_io_5 image: banner3 image: klamm_88x31_o_3

Clan History (since 2003):
Enemy Territory:
Europe image: gameethd4 VP
Europe image: gameethd4 Butter my Arse
Germany image: gameethd4 ultimate eSports
Europe image: gameethd4 dvotion // xSporting
United Kingdom image: gameethd4 oChaos
Europe image: gameethd4 VP
Europe image: gameethd4 venue
Germany image: gameethd4 Baden-Württemberg ( Federal Team )
Germany image: gameethd4 Geh aB!
Germany image: gameethd4 lost-soldier

ET: Quakewars:
Germany image: etqw Geh aB!

Call of Duty 4
Europe image: cod4 cortex

Current Teams
Germany image: gameethd4 n811en
Germany image: ql dopefish
Germany image: ql ashlen

image: et_trashimage: etqw_trash2

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Liga4Fun wih Europe VP
ESL International ET 6on6 Ladder with Germany GaB
ET:QW Polylan 2007 with Germany sfto
ESL Weekendcup #3 with Europe iNET

One day Cup #19 with Europe dvotion
Lucky Bitches 6on6 Cup with Germany n811en
ET:QW ESL new Years Cup 2008 with Europe iNET
Clanbase Opencup Fall 2008 with Germany Lost-Soldiers

Highbot 3on3 Cup with Germany own-Zone
Get-Cup #5 with Europe dvotion
RtCW Enlarged 2006 with Germany Vicious and Evil
ESL 5on5 Cup with Europe #weekendmix
ESL Germany 6on6 ET Premiership with Germany velerion
Flashed.de DotA 5on5 Cup #3 with Germany Fragster

4th ESL 6on6 Summer07 Cup Divison 1 with Germany GaB
4th at Enlarged 2007 Warsow tournament
5th at CDC #4 with Germany GaB
12th at CPC #2 with Europe OCTENse.Lan
19th at CPC #3 with Germany GaB
CPUIntel Core2 CPU 6700 @ 2.66GHz @ 2666MHz
Memory2 GIG
Storagea lot, full with animal pr0n
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS (640MB)
Operating SystemWindows XP
MonitorSAMSUNG SyncMaster 931 BF
MouseRazer Deathadder
MousepadQpad LowsensEEEEEEEEEE
HeadsetSpeedlink Medusa 5.1
Connection6mbit DSL