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¬ EnemyTerritory

» Brs a.k.a B4ros
Czech Republic CreP
Czech Republic BloodyF*Users
Slovakia esVka Team
Czech Republic Singularity
Czech Republic Czech National Team
Czech Republic Infrag
Czech Republic eSuba

¬ Warcraft III : RoCH

» Lord.Dunadan
Czech Republic Xenogens
Europe Neophyte
Germany Ocrana.ATI
Czech Republic B!ologic
Czech Republic Czech National Team

¬ JediKnight 2

» weXus a.k.a w3x
Czech Republic Secret Alliance
Czech Republic LAJT
Czech Republic Brotherhood Of Steel
Czech Republic Czech National Team

#infrag @ QuakeNet


Enemy Territory

EuroCup XIII - Enemy Territory
EuroCup XV - Enemy Territory
EuroCup XVI - Enemy Territory
Czech championship INVEX LAN 2k6- ET turnaj (6o6)
ESL Czech 6on6 Ladder (12.12.05 - 18.4.06)
GAMEZONE Almost retro cup
NxM 6on6 Cup #1
Czech championship INVEX LAN 2k5 - ET turnaj (6o6)
Warleagues 6on6 season VI - Bravo
Warleagues 6on6 season V - Charlie
ESL Czech 6on6 Xmas Cup
ESL Winters Cup
Warleagues 6on6 season VII - Premier

PHP.Gaming NightCup
2004 BattleZone 3v3 LAN Cup
Clanbase 3on3 OpenCup Fall 2005
Gamezone 3v3 Progaming Cup
PZ Respect Cup