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Current job:

Newswriter of eSports.pl - The biggest eSport community site in Poland.

Previous jobs:

Head admin of Netsports.pl - one of the biggest eSport communities in Poland. Used to be.

Head admin of Enemy-Territory.us - the biggest Enemy Territory site in Poland. Used to be.

Head admin of ET.owned.pl - The best Enemy Territory site in Poland.

Head admin of ET.Gram.pl - Polish ET Community Site.

Newswriter of Headshot Radio - the best Polish shoutcast Radio.

Newswriter of EnemyTerritory.pl - the first Enemy Territory community site in Poland.

Newswriter of Gry-FPP.pl - one of the biggest eSport community sites in Poland.

Current clan:

Mid+ rifle, pm me at #ET.owned.pl

Previous Clans:

Poland Przemyslaw "Hybrid" Jasinski - Leader
Belgium Wim "Worm" De Buyser
Russia Rim "Quiki" Arslangaliev <33333333333333
Germany Karl-Heinz "kholic" Olic
Germany Andreas "xemi" Schneider
Belgium Jeroen "taLa" De Ridder
Estonia Greeg "EmeRica" Jakobson
Germany swine
Netherlands Viax
Belgium Ziff
Czech Republic Rip
Czech Republic Butch
Israel G-Man


Czech Republic Roman "Rip" Krich (or sth)
Belgium ziff
Germany swine
Netherlands Viax
Russia g^man

Belgium mesq
Estonia asd
Netherlands kris
Poland Hybrid
Belgium LioCo
Belgium Jyrki
Belgium InsAne
Slovenia iMMoo
Switzerland Rapt6rr
Slovenia fEARmE
France kill
Hungary Nonix
France Nad
France sacr
Netherlands NxM
Estonia mAnki
Estonia uIm
Estonia razor
Belgium apEx
Netherlands AzA
Belgium FrozZ
Poland Meskal
Belgium Ac!d
Germany ruqq / qur
Poland futur3
Finland decem
Belgium Edge
Latvia Clown
Netherlands sacc
Germany riddla
Sweden mytho
Germany zeke
Germany brot
United Kingdom rAzZ
Finland ae
Germany sNoOp
Israel LION
Denmark gyzr
Germany MurDa

Poland edain
Poland Runos
Poland Aku
Poland Hybrid aka. outsider
Poland slowmotion
Poland shi
Poland frantic
Poland razzle
Poland maadz
Poland cygan
Poland zMk
Poland landrYn
Poland napi
Poland Pacuch
Poland Estaloth
Poland Cj
Poland keski
Poland Banciur
Poland Konik
Poland m4rcin
Poland roNi
Poland dvk3
Poland m3fiu
Poland blol
Poland LaM
Poland abi
Poland wom

Belgium EtRnL
Poland slowmotion
Poland Nighthaven
Poland Hybrid
Belgium addict
Slovenia Komar
Estonia indu
Slovenia Meth
Netherlands NxM
Belgium Xeus
Netherlands Treaver
Belgium sky

Poland klejf
Poland kichus
Poland snaq
Poland Krepel
Poland Hybrid / outsider
Poland Cursed
Poland katz
Poland kaurz
Poland ght
Poland h6mr
Poland wom


Russia venue Quiki: In Finland we have girls that go to mcdonalds 24/7 are like fatter than warriors.

Russia venue Quiki: I really think that there are cheats in ET.

Czech Republic Rip: I was in pizzaclub yesterday with my ex-girlfriend...his name was Martin.

(@`phunk) 2.skilled players looking for a clan. Qry for info!
(Hybrid^) yo `phunk
(Hybrid^) who's the second guy?
(`phunk) Waki
(Hybrid^) your ex-clans?
(`phunk) u know my reputation?
(`phunk) Ive been busted
(`phunk) bye


Warleagues 6on6 Season VII, group Bravo I with Europe venue
Being ALMOST the best newswriter in Poland by ET.owned.pl Awards 2006.

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MemoryGeIL 512 DDR
StorageSeagate Barracuda 160Gb
GraphicsGeCube ATi Radeon 9550xt@9600xt
SoundRealtek AC'97 (OnBoard)
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Monitoriiyama ProLite E481S 19"
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