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Good game! A+R was clearly superior to us and showed us how the game is meant to be played.
Their behavior was top of the notch, they were very polite and overall mature. We hope to face people like this again, so we can all benefit from their incredible greatness. Their clantags had a unique flavor to it and supported their overall professional attitude, which of course included a nice talk with us and being ready in time! To summarize this was a game without flame or any problems at all and we are very proud to have experienced a flawless game like this.

Best regards,

P.S. See you at Xfire Lan!


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CDC1 -> last
CDC2 -> survived group stage
CDC3 -> survived group stage, finished 5th
CDC4 -> finished 3rd

EC -> 3rd + 2nd place ( competed in a total of 6 EC seasons )