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WSF forever

Denmark bLAZ3R
Denmark Spektr
Belgium Generalz
Belgium Pietje
Belgium Biatch

Belgium Nawor
Belgium Jera

Sponsored by Denmark Euthan

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Wolfenstein Special Forces - 2003/2005[/b]]Denmark BLaZeR1
Denmark Spektr
Denmark Huhannes
Denmark divad
Denmark Rastlink
Denmark Need Blood?
Denmark Miller
Belgium Generalz
Belgium mido
Belgium UndeaD
Belgium Pathfinder
Belgium biAtch
Belgium Jera
Belgium Contact
Germany sid
Sweden Dominator
Netherlands Nuke
Netherlands Ryugu
Norway Arab

Combine/etrax/Subsist - 2005[/b]]Netherlands buggs
Netherlands butters
United Kingdom Fazz
Belgium Generalz
Belgium kv
France inRi
Poland wieL
Estonia Draakon
Finland Insu
Finland Cwrd
Sweden Svensson
Sweden Disease
Italy Seven
Denmark Divad
Denmark Spektr

World Source Fighters - 2005/2006[/b]]Denmark Blazer
Denmark Spektr
Denmark Euthan
Denmark degg7
Denmark frode
Denmark wobber
Belgium Generalz
Belgium .X.!
Belgium Restless
Belgium Xeus
Belgium UndeaD
United Kingdom Wakizashiuk
United Kingdom Skydeh
Netherlands xiF

quAntocius - 2006[/b]]Slovenia on3md
United Kingdom Hype
Belgium Generalz
Belgium sharkey
Poland Hptm
Finland crew
Finland Exe
Finland kotz
Germany gzD
Austria laguna
Netherlands stewie
Netherlands Juize
Netherlands ins

Ghosts Of War - 2006[/b]]France Cool
France Aero
France Zadkiel
France purity
France beers
France Enixx
France smashit
Belgium Generalz

coitio - 2006[/b]]Denmark Blazer
Denmark Arachon
Belgium Generalz
Belgium Xnbz
Belgium ecklav
Belgium UndeaD
Ireland herbal
Germany Noorgrin

clanALIS - 2007[/b]]Denmark Arachon
Denmark Blazer
Belgium Generalz
Netherlands Ronner
Netherlands moose
Netherlands maverick
Netherlands phage
Estonia galahad
Finland Nizou
Finland Gaso

Artline - 2007[/b]]United Kingdom Wakizashi (Leader)
Belgium Winact
Belgium Shizzle
Belgium Rbdjan
United Kingdom Amuro

We Are Obvious / Duality Gaming - 2007[/b]]Belgium timoun
Belgium leito
Belgium aieuh
Belgium Generalz
France Boumbo
France nSKvnk
Finland Good
Denmark Squash

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WSF - #4 at 3on3 opencup div 5 2005
WSF - #2 at 6on6 NxM cup div 4 2006
quAn - #4 at 6on6 et-cup 13 2006
quAn - 1/4 finals 6on6 cvs-cup 2006
quAn - #1 UK 6on6 ladder 2006
coitio - #1 at 3on3 Opencup div 3 2007
ALIS - 1/16 finals 1on1 Ubercup 7 2007
We Are Obvious - #2 at 1on1 iks cup 2007
We Are Obvious - #4 at 3on3 iks cup 27/09 2007
WSF - #3 at 5on5 Friday Slac Cup 2010
WSF - #2 at 3on3 Summercup div 8 2010
WSF - #4 at 2on2 Opencup div 5 2010
WSF - #2 at 3on3 Opencup div 7 2010
CPUIntel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.00GHz (2 CPUs)
Memory1022MB RAM
Storage250 GB
GraphicsRADEON X550
SoundRealtek HD Audio output
Operating SystemWindows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 2 (2600.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519)
MonitorPlug en Play-monitor
MouseLogitech MX518