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Name: Blazej
Age: 14
Country: Poland Poland
City: Ostrow Wielkopolski
Skill: Med-
Class: Medic / Eng rifle
Slac id: 00000840

mIRC: #merc.pl /q nobodje
Xfire: czarny1111
Email: nobodziak at gmail dot com
GG: 7673869



seppuku (2011):

Poland seppuku+hydra
Poland seppuku+nobody
Poland seppuku+ytacz
Poland seppuku+Symb
Poland seppuku+buggs
Poland seppuku+FrAntic

#eXnihil.et (2011):

Poland eXnihil hydra
Poland eXnihil seAl
Poland eXnihil nobody

Team Ultimate @ #takectrl (2011):

Poland #takectrl Gregor (C)
Poland #takectrl nobody
Poland #takectrl rubrAh
Poland #takectrl Hydra
Poland #takectrl buggs
Poland #takectrl FeLu$

JUST! Team (2010-2011):

United Kingdom JUST! Pitbull (C)
Poland JUST! nobody
Poland JUST! ytacz
Poland JUST! xez
Poland JUST! Dropsik
Poland JUST! Cinoslav
Poland JUST! lAuraa
Poland JUST! gAbriel
Poland JUST! mamamija
Poland JUST! paramonov
Poland JUST! Begineer

Unreal Technology (2010):

Poland uT - NeXoR (C)
Poland uT - nobody
Poland uT - pajeczy
Poland uT - xird
Poland uT - mag
Poland uT - crAshull

NOTREG Team (2010):

Poland [NOTREG] pattu (C)
Poland [NOTREG] nobody
Poland [NOTREG] Byczy
Poland [NOTREG] smakuu
Poland [NOTREG] ciastk0
Poland [NOTREG] TloKiI
Poland [NOTREG] kosa

<+Steve`Stifler> et merc last game in carrier! :P
<@fanatic> sure
<+Steve`Stifler> ?
<@fanatic> a co jedyneczka z muzyki i starzy necika odcinaja?


<nobody_> war ?
<Serek> skill med+?:D
<Serek> no thanks


rubrAh: dobra ide dzieci
rubrAh: bb


<Dropsik> nie dzwon do mnie
<Dropsik> rozwod
<Dropsik> ...
<Dropsik> dzieci ida do mnie...
<Dropsik> to koniec
<nobody_> XDDD
<nobody_> juz mnie nie loffciasz :(( ?
<Dropsik> ni chuja...
<Dropsik> po tym co mi zrobiles
<nobody_> :((((((((((((((
<Dropsik> ...
<nobody_> WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY :(((((((((((((((((((((
<Dropsik> bo nie znam sie na hokeju
<Dropsik> !!!!!!!
<Dropsik> a ty masz cos z rycerza!
<nobody_> XDDD
<nobody_> co kurwa ;p ?
<Dropsik> zakuty leb
<Dropsik> kurwa :D


Gregor i jego hobby: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/24/gregor.png/


Alive Cup 6on6 with takeCONTROL
CPUAMD Athlon II X2 260 (3.2GHz)
MotherboardAsus M5A78L-M
Memory8 GB
GraphicsGeForce with CUDA GT430 2GB
Operating SystemWindows 7
MonitorLG Flatron L1730S 17"
KeyboardGenius GK+-070006/U
MouseA4Tech X-750 BF
MousepadSteelseries QcK mini
ConnectionPromax Media 12mb/s