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  • Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory
  • Team Fortress 2

  • FinlandmAnteli: parempi olis tai etin sut ja huiskautan pari kertaa höyhenellä sun nenän alta että aivastat!!!

  • FinlandDime: Mulla on valkoset pelipöksyt.

  • FinlandosmaHe: haa sain ovelan

  • FinlandMihi: Paini hae rekka!
    FinlandpAin: Ei tää oo kyllä mikään rekka, tää on ennemminkin lava-auto.

  • United Kingdom[20:21] /Street/: i play esports 1 day.
    United Kingdom[20:21] /Street/: wanna be in team dignitas.

  • Finland[20:08] Mindi: Enigmaa
    Netherlands[20:08] Enigma: ?
    Finland[20:08] Mindi: If sherclock puts mitiih server so ETTV is possible there ( So ppl can watch they playing ) can it be tested or does it show somewhere?
    Finland[20:08] Mindi: http://www.gamestv.org/faq/17-configuring-an-enemy-territory-matchserver-to-enab/
    Netherlands[20:09] Enigma: i am his bro xD
    Finland[20:09] Mindi: no ur not
    Finland[20:09] Mindi: but tell me
    Netherlands[20:09] Enigma: yes xD
    Finland[20:09] Mindi: is that guide the real one
    Netherlands[20:09] Enigma: i dont know where ur talking about
    Finland[20:09] Mindi: go look that website
    Finland[20:09] Mindi: http://www.gamestv.org/faq/17-configuring-an-enemy-territory-matchserver-to-enab/
    Finland[20:09] Mindi: this should enable ETTV on the server
    Netherlands[20:10] Enigma: xD
    Finland[20:10] Mindi: pff
    Netherlands[20:10] Enigma: im his bro really
    Finland[20:10] Mindi: I'll come ask you again when your not drunk
    Finland[20:10] Mindi: :D
    Netherlands[20:10] Enigma: WTF?! xD
    Netherlands[20:10] Enigma: i''m 13
    Netherlands[20:10] Enigma: i''m his bro
    Finland[20:10] Mindi: -.-..-.'
    Netherlands[20:10] Enigma: xD
    Finland[20:10] Mindi: :D
    Finland[20:10] Mindi: okok
    Finland[20:10] Mindi: ur his bro
    Finland[20:10] Mindi: now
    Finland[20:10] Mindi: http://www.gamestv.org/faq/17-configuring-an-enemy-territory-matchserver-to-enab/
    Netherlands[20:10] Enigma: xD
    Netherlands[20:11] Enigma: u still dont believe me h'é?
    Finland[20:11] Mindi: tell me if that enables ETTV to be broadcasted in the server you do that guide in
    Finland[20:11] Mindi: tell me if that enables ETTV to be broadcasted in the server you do that guide in
    Finland[20:11] Mindi: I DO
    Finland[20:11] Mindi: UR HIS BRO
    Finland[20:11] Mindi: OKOK
    Finland[20:11] Mindi: NOW ANSWER MY QUESTION
    Finland[20:11] Mindi: :D
    Finland[20:16] Mindi: HEY?
    Netherlands[20:17] Enigma: what>? xD
    Finland[20:17] Mindi: omfg
    Finland[20:17] Mindi: get out of ingame
    Finland[20:17] Mindi: :D
    Finland[20:17] Mindi: So I can talk with u
    Netherlands[20:17] Enigma: already did
    Netherlands[20:17] Enigma: xDDD
    Finland[20:17] Mindi: -.-------'''''''''
    Finland[20:17] Mindi: me mad
    Finland[20:17] Mindi: u come out ingame
    Finland[20:17] Mindi: :D
    Finland[20:17] Mindi: rlly
    Finland[20:17] Mindi: you know the ETTV guide on GamesTV.org?
    Netherlands[20:18] Enigma: nope
    Finland[20:18] Mindi: http://www.gamestv.org/faq/17-configuring-an-enemy-territory-matchserver-to-enab/
    Finland[20:18] Mindi: ok that one
    Finland[20:18] Mindi: now you know it
    Netherlands[20:18] Enigma: yes
    Finland[20:18] Mindi: If you do that to your server are ETTV clients able to come to the server and start braodcasting?
    Netherlands[20:18] Enigma: i dunno ask enigma himself
    Finland[20:18] Mindi: ask enigma heree
    Finland[20:18] Mindi: :D
    Netherlands[20:18] Enigma: he is at soccer
    Finland[20:19] Mindi: -.-'
    Finland[20:19] Mindi: what
    Finland[20:19] Mindi: aaa
    Finland[20:19] Mindi: ur ENIGMA's brother
    Finland[20:19] Mindi: I thought you ment your sherclock's brother
    Finland[20:19] Mindi: :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
    Netherlands[20:19] Enigma: xDDDDDDDDDDDD
    Finland[20:19] Mindi: ok tell him to contact me when hes back :DD

  • NetherlandsEnigma: I'm in the zoo
    NetherlandsEnigma: I'm in the restaurant atm

  • FinlandVelho: Mindi oli meille ku Night oli Dignitasille.

  • Netherlands[17:24] #boo: finish ppl are like the uglyest ones ive ever seen XD

  • Netherlands[15:09] Enigma: dont run next to your shoes

  • Finland[13:39] 'xD Reash,: 90 jaettuna neljälle on joku 10e

  • FinlandReakkeri: noni... noni... noni... noni... noni... noni... noni... Toi ei kyl menny noni tyyliin.

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The MacGyver intro Enemy Territory version


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