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]image: xfire Xfire : Mephistogamer
image: mirc Mirc : /q MEPHii
image: et In Game : SLAC ID 00009691

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Currently playing for :

image: etBelgiumdLICIOUS GAMING 3v3


ESL 2v2 Ladder with Out Of Control !
ESL Spring Cup 2012 4th group
ESL 3v3 Ladder with BelgiumdLicious Gaming 3v3
NERD Cup #3on3
4th place at Clanbase OpenCup 2012 6th division
BeneCup 2.0 Team Wallonie [Best Captain ever]
Playoff ESL 3v3 Summercup 2nd Division with dLicious
Playoff ET SW 6on6 OpenCup Fall 2011 5th League
ESL 2v2 Summercup 1st Division Group C with ruisZ
ET SW 2on2 OpenCup Fall 2011 3rd League Group A
ET SW 3on3 OpenCup Fall 2011 5th League Group D
ESL 3on3 WinterLeague 2012 3rd Division Group C
& Some random ODC
CPUPentium Dual Core T3200 (2.0 GHz)
MotherboardX58 Platinum
Memory3 GB
Storage160 Gb
GraphicsATI Radeon HD 6850 DDR3
SoundRealtek High Definition 5.1
Operating SystemWindows Xp pro
MonitorAOC 18.5" LCD
MouseLogitech MX 518
MousepadXxlpad progamer
HeadsetMicrosoft LifeChat LX-3000