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Name: Stasy
Ingame Name: HANKy
From: Lithuania
Country: Germany
Languages: image: 56173786 image: 70636642 image: 81456935
Gaming Experience: 1 Year
Class: Medic ,Sniper, Fop
SLAC: 00004362
Skill: ....

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Quotegwbapn.Ajit: no doublejump here?

Quotexeozz: i join i good brain skill med np i love love love tp :)

QuoteVivi: lower it a bit
Vivi: just a bit

QuoteTimbolinA*: im watching porn
HANKy*: Anal Stories 3?
TimbolinA*: sex with dead horses: the revenge.

Quotebooya! aram: I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

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