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My recent Account (GermanyVIPsitor) (Lost the password and the e-mail provider I used for the registration does not exist anymore.. Thanks to 3dl.am (now drei.to)..

Current Team(s):

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EuropeTRANQuILIZERZ (2on2/3on3) #tranQz.et[/u]
Russiavita (L)
GermanyshNz (TJ-Man)
RussiaGENEZiS (Ph...)
United States of Americaparker (the most awesome US American guy I ever met!!)

PolandOstBlock Latino's @tranQz (5on5/6on6) #tranQz.et[/u]
PolandsonaR (L)
RussiaGENEZiS (Ph...)
Russiavita (Nr.10)
GermanyshNz (TJ-Man)
RussiahumM3L (aka. "Das Hirn")
ItalyHarmony (Tax-Man)
NetherlandsLars (Troll-Man)

Germany/Poland daeNji&PreZ (the most awesome guys on the internet :_D)
Germany vita&GENESiZ (two of the most awesome guys :>)
Germany shNz (I love you but fuck you!)
Germany cAshy (cool guy I enjoy playing with >:))
Germany eriiiic (just Dino zhe owner :D<3)
Austria BeAsty (for providing me an FTP Server :) thank you!)
Austria Scorch (it's scorch :D!)
Netherlands Lars&sENSA (my personal dutchies :-*)
Finland vAtu (awesome guy :]!)
Finland HardyRah (most awesome finnish guy!)
Estonia Sheriko (my favorite backup player :D)
Morroco Helication (a very kind player, fun to play with :])
Poland staminaboy (the best raggae singer in the whole ET community!)
Poland numeric (just the best captain Poland ever had :D)
Slovenia squAze (just awesome that guy!)
Italy Harmony (relaxed and cool guy!! :)!)

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<18:47:15> "shnz": -R- Sorry, you must be one of the top 5 ops for the channel '#tranQz.et'.

<22:11:32> "sonaR": <22:10:54> "shnz" nennt sich nun "sonaR'"
<22:10:59> "sonaR'" nennt sich nun "shnz"
<22:11:33> "sonaR": fanboy
<22:11:39> "shnz": yoyo

<@mana`> hehe
<@mana`> :))
<+KREATUREN|sonaR> :D :P

<KREATUREN|sonaR> avi to play some irc wars with daenji and me? (we are stoned)
<staminaboy> why not ;D

<16:55:18> "shnz": You have € 50 on fi ink
You won € 74
<16:55:21> "shnz": danke herr daenji
<16:55:27> "GENES1Z": You have € 50 on ink
You won € 74
<16:55:37> "PreZ": You have € 250 on fi ink
You won € 370
<16:55:40> "PreZ": :)
<16:55:50> "sonaR": You have € 56 on ink
You won € 82.88
<16:55:53> "sonaR": danke herr daenji :)
<16:55:56> "shnz": :D

<peqe> too high :/

<mechanics> high but faker?

<20:25:30> "KREATUREN | Vita": bock aufn pimmel?


Proud to be Germany/Poland and able to speak fluently Germany,United Kingdom/United States of America, to understand Poland, France and to understand a very lil' Ukraine, Russia.
Won lots of OneDay Cups and have been to lots of private lans nobody cares about..
Never rejecting a lady! :P
Last IQ Test: 136 @ Age 12
I can handle real weapons aswell (12/70 Flinte, Kleinkaliber).
Hosting Team Finlands Enemy Territory Server
CPUIntel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz @2666MHz
MotherboardPegatron IPMTB-GS1
Memory6GB DDR3 Ram @ 1066 MHz
Storage1,5TB SATA2
GraphicsATI HD 4650 with 512 MB DDR3-SDRAM
Sound8 Kanal High Definition Audio
Operating SystemWindows Seven Home Premium
MonitorPhillips 22" Display @1680x1050
KeyboardRazer Arctosa / Revoltec Chocolate K106
MouseLogitech MX518 (G3) / SilverCrest GML807
MousepadSteelseries S&S ProGaming / SteelSeries S&S QcK / Razer Goliathus(a)XXL
HeadsetMedusa NX 5.1 Soround Sound Gaming Headset / Microsoft LifeChat LX3000 / RaptorGaming
ConnectionVodafone 2000 DSL