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tazyaa ™: you watch jersey shore?
Roman: wow...
Roman: u calling me a faggot?
tazyaa ™: stfu niger
tazyaa ™: i love that shit
tazyaa ™: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JR70HBNspUg&feature=player_embedded#!
tazyaa ™: classis shit. lol
tazyaa ™: watch that
Roman: LOL
tazyaa ™: season 3 preview
Roman: u gay ass fagget.
tazyaa ™: omfg hahaha

Karl ->

I don't give a fuck.. yeah i got a small dick.. so what? atleast i have the balls to admit it.. unlike you're faggot ass..what's youre excuse bitch?

[17:14] * uMp ´¯`·.χҲٶ: u got a problem wit me pussy
[17:14] гомап: LOL
[17:14] гомап: get a life
[17:14] гомап: :D
[17:15] * uMp ´¯`·.χҲٶ: lol? thats what u got to say
[17:15] * uMp ´¯`·.χҲٶ: lol u pussy lil white boys r funni
[17:15] гомап: LOL
[17:15] гомап: :D
[17:15] гомап: :DDDD
[17:15] гомап: that all u gotta say?