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Online interesting people (m8s)![/b]]
Netherlands Phesix
Finland Nemis (RIP m8 :'()
Poland Fasolka
Germany Schnee
Germany FlyingDJ
Luxembourg Nud3l
Wales Amy <33 Sweetest girl i met in ET

Current clan

Ex Facultas]
Russia Slawa Team pistols
Sweden vessaR #AD.RUS
Denmark xcN sleeperz
Denmark Squashed Phan Latvia El Commandante Team Latvia
Netherlands Arphetic Innocense
Netherlands Goliath sereNity-Gaming


HighDefinition rush.ET]
Germany Keen
Netherlands Arphetic
United Kingdom eLFI
Germany Schlumpf
Germany mOon
Belgium Jimini
Poland ultimate
Germany eule (backup?)

Innocense v4]
Wales Panda
Sweden Gobar
United Kingdom Griim
Finland Metsuri
Brussels Mirage
Poland Hptm

Netherlands Arphetic
Finland dICKSQNi
Sweden Uniq
Netherlands phesix (manager)

Innocense v3]
Netherlands Anti
Netherlands Shtr
Netherlands Luckah
Netherlands My$elf
Belgium fostruM
Belgium Lazio
Netherlands Striker

Europe Team-Complex

Innocense v2]
Netherlands Arphetic
Belgium Cnfy
Netherlands Rush
Belgium Phille
Netherlands Haya
Netherlands Nicky
Netherlands Maikel
Belgium Fstrm

Innocense v1]
Netherlands Arphetic
Netherlands Stick
Germany sHay
Belgium JaBBa
Netherlands Rush
Netherlands Lav0d

From overschie
ken je danny dubbeldam ? hij woont in barendrecht, als je hem kent vraag en hem hoe ik ben en hoe ik je kanker hoofd zou verbouwen

From Rifleman88
-- Quote: Arphetic "Highskilled ? Maybe, but I dont know what is my skill....
-- Didnt I see ur name in some pro clan? Very oldskool clan?"

Maybe .... I'm uberpro, but I cant write it to xfire post, becaue too many guys are WHINERS.
But skilled guys know me , so I dont must write my skill to the post.

Belgium Jsnii
Anonymous R0SS
Belgium kiss
Netherlands Kruml
Netherlands Draqq
Finland Fanta

For a decent place on this list, pm me


Going to cause extinction of human kind in 2012 (perhaps later)
CPUAMD Athlon XP 2400+ boxed
Memory512 MB DDR 400 MHz
Storage200GB SATA maxtor
GraphicsNot sure which one
SoundOnboard 5.1
Operating SystemUbuntu 10.10
Monitoracer crap
KeyboardDevil nice shit
MouseLogitech mx518 Optical mouse
MousepadAutoCAD Exchange Mousepad
HeadsetNone :<