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[2:02] Tushal/foreseen: mom is makin me clean room -_-- brb if you dont go to sleep while im gone lol
[2:17] Tushal/foreseen: finally finished
[2:17] Tushal/foreseen: you know i love you right?
[2:19] qpack: ofcourse my chocolate baby<3
Later that day
[3:37] Tushal/foreseen: LMAO
[3:37] qpack: :p
[3:38] Tushal/foreseen: you bastard :D
[3:38] qpack: do u like it ?
[3:38] Tushal/foreseen: yah yah lol
[3:38] Tushal/foreseen: i feel special
[3:39] Tushal/foreseen: =D
[3:39] qpack: :p
[3:39] qpack: you are <3
[3:39] qpack: so...
[3:39] qpack: you really dont have a choco sister?
[3:41] Tushal/foreseen: nop lol
[3:41] qpack: i will pay u
[3:52] qpack: check my cfire again
[3:52] qpack: (url) [www.crossfire.nu] <http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=user&mode=view&id=41440>
[3:53] Tushal/foreseen: LOL
[3:53] Tushal/foreseen: OMG
[3:53] qpack: :PP
[3:54] Tushal/foreseen: im gona stop mssgin you
[3:54] qpack: HAHAHA
[3:57] Tushal/foreseen: just.... u fucker
[15:44] Tushal/foreseen: I was rejected from my 8th grade basketball team
[15:47] qpack: ye
[15:48] qpack: but u are black
[15:48] qpack: thats normal to be rejected
[15:48] Tushal/foreseen: LOL
[15:48] qpack: ;p
[15:48] Tushal/foreseen: LMAO

DUDL]<21:21:30> "DUDL<3": what if i fuck your mom for a joke ?

DUDL & Seksulijna]
<21:09:24> "Qpack": im sorry seksul
<21:09:33> "Qpack": will u forgive me?
<21:09:35> "DUDL<3": no more wars with us
<21:09:39> "Seksuljina": never
<21:09:48> "DUDL<3": sry
<21:10:09> "Qpack": k
<21:10:15> "Seksuljina": once my girlfriend said "will you forgive me?"
<21:10:28> "Seksuljina": well... SHE CHOKED ON MY DICK
<18:21:09> "Seksuljina": u should go for a drive with me

(do u think what i think o.O xDDD)


mAss1v <3]
[19:43] qpack: jeffrey doe ns rustig xD
[19:43] mAss1v_: neeeeeeeeee
[19:43] mAss1v_: je loopt het te verneuken

Highway]<16:57:46> "Highway": ik woon in Rotterdam
<16:57:52> "Highway": wat denk je wat ze hier praten

<17:08:36> "Qpack": haribo, would u go on a date with me ?
<17:08:43> "Qpack": i will make u feel comfortable
<17:08:55> "Haribo": im scared there are pedofiles!


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