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Now it's jazz, the place is roaring; all beautiful girls in there, one mad brunette at the bar drunk with her boys; one strange chick I remember from somewhere wearing a simple skirt with pockets, her hands in there, short haircut, slouched talking to everybody; up and down the stairs they come, the bartenders and the regular band of Jack and heavenly drummer who looks up in the sky with blue eyes, with a beard. He's wailing beer caps and bottles and jamming at the cash register, and everything is going to the beat.

Hong Kong Clogst*r aka Netherlands g3n

Clan History:
United Kingdom Bravo Two Zero
Skill: Low
Role: Sexy-man
Nick: BTZ|Genesis

United Kingdom Smokeys-Grotto - Team Black
Skill: Low+/med
Role: Player
Nick: sg:gen.

Europe Heartbreakers
Skill: Med(+)
Role: Player
Nick: </3 g3n

Europe Deathless Multigaming
Skill: Med(+)
Role: Clanleader
Nick: (deathless) g3n


People I have enjoyed playing with over the last 4 years:
Croatia danL (Deathless)
Germany bigmassa (Heartbreakers)
England antalis (Deathless)
Wales hunter (Deathless)
Wales Panda (Deathless)
Wales jake (Deathless)
England xalent (Smokeys-grotto)
Netherlands bullvox (Heartbreakers)
England Icarion (Heartbreakers)
Belgium Blue (Heartbreakers)
Iceland Cypher (Deathless)
Croatia drv4c (Deathless)
Belgium Complex (Deathless)
Belgium Super (Deathless)
England allguns (Bravo Two Zero)
Netherlands statix-f (Bravo Two Zero)
Netherlands chearz (Bravo Two Zero)
England red (Smokeys-grotto)
England saigon (Smokeys-grotto)
England prophet (Smokeys-grotto)
England ToasT (Smokeys-grotto)

g3n retires at 03/06/'07
image: steppNL


NXM Cup 2 with </3
Clanbse Benelux 3on3 Ladder with deathless (5 February - 14 March) (10 May - Present)
Hosted CB Summer Cup 5v5 - Premier League with </3

3v3 Fun-Cup Lucky Bitches Karsiah_te with #np4me

Clanbase European 5on5 Ladder with Deathless (Can hardly care about the dates)