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Nick: EstoniaSplit

Status: Quit ET

(inactive)Clan:[/b]] Dynamic.et

I am not playing for them.[/u]


#fCon - Falsus Consilium
#fs.ee - Team Firestarters
#influence.ee - Influence

Community work:[/i]

» former cdap.net newsposter !

00:52:16 <@HS`Split> Will you u/l it too ? :x
00:52:17 <@vaGgi`sick> and the full movie wont be so big imo
00:52:20 <@vaGgi`sick> yes wait
00:52:26 <@vaGgi`sick> i just have to masturbate on it
00:52:27 <@vaGgi`sick> brb

00:58:23 <@vaGgi`sick> lol
00:58:24 <@vaGgi`sick> xD
00:58:25 <@vaGgi`sick> rofl
00:58:27 <@vaGgi`sick> look at this
00:58:29 <@vaGgi`sick> 103% completed (11.51 MB of 11.2 MB)
00:58:32 <@vaGgi`sick> >:O
00:58:33 <@MTM`> www.irc.fi/MTM`
00:58:35 <@MTM`> x)
00:58:48 <@vaGgi`sick> 103% completed (11.51 MB of 11.2 MB)
00:58:52 <@vaGgi`sick> 103 % ???????
00:58:53 <@vaGgi`sick> :(
00:58:55 <@MTM > :<


Mic's Trailer: Starring: Germany noT|mic
Rapidshare:[/u] Download!

Adze's trailer: Starring: Hungary Adze
Link:[/u] Download!

Movie Production[/b]]


Finland MTM
Germany vaGgi
Estonia Split
Switzerland Dabster

I myself don't make movies anymore :) Contact other moviemakers of MTM-studios :

Some music I listen to[/b]]

Sweden In Flames
Estonia Kosmikud
Estonia Metsatöll
Sweden Soilwork
Finland Before The Dawn
Germany Rammstein
United Kingdom Sevendust
Sweden Amon Amarth
United States of America Black Star
United States of America Nas
United States of America Jedi Mind Tricks
Estonia Dagö
Russia DJ Opium
Australia Pendulum
United States of America Dieselboy
Ukraine Limewax
Sweden FinnTroll
Norway Zeromancer
Finland Nightwish
United States of America Method Man
United States of America Wu Tang Clan
United States of America Raekwon
United States of America Gza
United States of America Rakim
United States of America Rza
United States of America Bone Thugs 'n Harmony
United States of America Kanye West
United States of America MF Doom
United States of America 2pac

and many more

Kobe Bryant aka BLACK MAMBA, aka KB24 aka Mr. 81 is the best Basketball player ever. KB24 for MVP, go for another ring, we have the faith in you.


I AM A NINJA !!!!!!!!!!!![/u]


I am not playing ET anymore !
CPUAMD Athlon 64 3200+
Memory512MB, form factor: DIMM
StorageMaxtor 6L160M0 160 GB IDE
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce 6600 (Processor: GeForce 6600), 256MB
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows XP Home Edition, version 5.1.2600
MonitorLG 11725 or smth :P
KeyboardMicrosofts random
MouseLogitech MX310
MousepadSome Random which I got with my computer
HeadsetPhillips Headphones and a table mic
Connection1 mb/s down (12 mb/s) 512 kb/s up (768 kb/s)