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Coverage I provided for Crossfire.nu[/b]]Goldendunk Funcup
2v2 Pistol Only Funcup
Special Delivery Showmatches - Update2
Special Delivery Beta 2 is out!
Special Delivery TE
SW Battery Beta 1
SW Battery Hotfix
Back with Beta 3
ESL 1on1 Instant Cup
ESL 2on2 Riflecup *Update*
ESL 3on3 Summer Instant Cup
SW Battery - Final ?
ESL Major Series Grand Final! *update*
ESL 6on6 Instant Summer Cup
ESL Instant Cup 1on1
SW Battery Final
ESL Riflecup #2
ESL Instant Cup 3on3
ESL 6on6 Instant Fall Cup
ESL ET Weekly, MMC and more
ESL ET Winter League '08
ESL Winter reminder & update
Matchconfigs Hotfix
Winter League kicks off!
Winter League rule reminder
A vital one?
East Front Alpha release
ESL ET Mapping Contest
Winter League Groupstage ends!
ESL Speed Cup
Premier League Playoffs
EMS: Matchweek 2 tonight!
ESL ET ladders relaunch
Is H2k versatile enough?
Freeze to your screens!
ESL Map Contest: The Entries
It is final time!
ESL Map Contest: The Cup
ESL Map Contest: The Result
ESL Major Series Season IV
ESL Ladder night
Mamut.si: -1, +3!
ESL ET Spring League '09
ESL GrandFinals tonight
ESL Summer League Playoffs
18:00: ESL 3on3 Sunshine Cup #3
C2 Missile Beta3 released
#reVeal.et Reincarnated
ESL EMS and Fall Season Signups
Most Gathers Competition September!
ESL Summer 1on1 Grand Final
Fall Season & EMS Signups Extended
ESL EMS Qualifiers Online
ESL Summer 3on3 Final & EMS Qualifier tonight
Tonights EMS Qualifiers!
ESL Summer 2on2 Grand Final
Pathbreaking EMS Qualifiers
ESL Summer Winners
Sunday night EMS Playoffs
Fall Premier kicks off!
Sundays Qualifiers
Fall League Playoffs
EMS Matchweek III
Intel Sunday Night Cup #1 LIVE
EMS on Monday
ButtonBashers win Intel Sunday Night Cup #2
ET EMS Relegation
Coast b1 released
ESL CF Country Championship Announced
EMS V ET Playoffs
Country Championship - Decision made
EMS Playoffs started
ESL ET 5on5 Ladder opened
Crossfire Intel ESL Challenge *update*
ET Seeding cup reminder
idle.ee returns
EMS sunday night matches!
nOu way to be tagged?
EMS Tuesday playoffs
ePROX adds ET team
EMS Winnerbracket Final!
EMS Loserbracket Final tonight
CIEC matches reminder
CIEC playoff cup
CIEC playoff brackets
Bremen b3 released
EMS Lanfinals on CIC7
EMS Season VI announced
ESL ET Admins Wanted
5on5 format decision
ESL EMS & Spring Signups
EMS signup reminder

Currently playing for: [/b]

Germany eiM
Germany draqii
Germany Fendah
Germany Bio
Austria joey

Last funteam:

fASTEN Seatbelt]
Germany zhul
Germany eiM
Germany Daywalker
Germany draQ
Germany Z1ppo
Austria joey
Germany Jimbo

Federal Teams:

Team NRW.2]
Germany coOles
Germany eiM
Germany Coffinfeeder
Germany planlos
Germany seqju
Germany hEADES
Germany qti

Team Köln]
Germany eiM
Germany zhul
Germany draQ
Germany rize
Germany Daywalker
Germany Z1ppo

Team Remscheid]
Germany duKe_
Germany eiM
Germany draQ
Germany Coffinfeeder
Germany Daywalker
Germany reaz
Germany aZra


Germany eiM
Germany chosen
Germany draqi
Germany FimS
Netherlands hero!n
Germany zhul

Germany eiM
Germany zhul
Germany draQ
Croatia suVi
Czech Republic etnic
Norway diZa

Austria Tamschi
Austria nobody
Germany draQ
Germany eiM
Germany zhul
Germany heineken
( Germany layme )

dAw gaming]
France rqmbo
Germany eiM
Austria sAckl
Canada EgeS
Finland luksu
Canada punkk
( Belgium PhiL )

Team reVeal (#dJ eSports , mouK , neXor , #a4d.et)]
Germany zhul
Germany eiM
Germany Sn4kE
Poland Sakreleg
Austria joeyy
Italy sOul
Germany draQ
Germany dregs

#dJ eSports]
Germany Shadow
Germany eiM
Germany tobi
Poland Scream
Germany Devilish
France Blackjesuz
Germany Sn4kE

Mapper of...]
C2 Missile
SW Battery
Special Delivery TE
Rifletennis TE2
Siwa Knifeduel

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Quakenet Authaimer
Clanbase Opencup Fall Div 4
9th ESL Major Series V Enemy Territory Europe Team reVeal
5th Intel Sunday Night Cup #1 Europe Team reVeal
1v1 #rockit Challenge! Germany eiM
sIN 3v3 Cup #6 Europe Team reVeal
CROW 1on1 Cup Germany eiM
5th ESL Winter League 08 6on6 Premier Division Germany InfernaL
ESL 1on1 Map Contest Cup Germany eiM
14th Crossfire Challenge 5 Europe aToOn
OC Premier Groub C Fall 2008 Europe aToOn
#speed-cup Germany eiM
ESL Freizeitliga Summer 08 Div1 Germany Team reVeal
ESL Summer 07 Div1 Austria rEVELATION
#re-play 6on6 cup #2 Germany DDR
#re-play 6on6 cup Germany fASTEN Seatbelt
snd knifecup Germany eiM
Clanbase OC 2006 Fall Div5 Germany Team reVeal
LB Fast Cup #2 (3on3) Germany Team reVeal
Rifle Funcup (2on2) - Germany eiM + Germany zhul
Liga4Fun VI (3on3) League1 - Germany Team reVeal
Liga4Fun V (3on3) League3 - Germany Team reVeal
Liga4Fun IV Finalcup (3on3) - Germany Team reVeal

ESL League Admin 2007
ESL ET Co Master League Admin 2008
ESL ET Master League Admin 2009
CPUIntel (2x 2,7 Ghz)
Memory4096 DD3
Storage500GB SATAII Samsung Spinpoint
Graphics2x HD 3870 512mb
Operating SystemWin 7
Monitoriiyama 22"
KeyboardLogitech G11
MouseLogitech mx518
ConnectionDSL 20.000