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Playing for:




Clan History:

- Austria Sonntag Morgen Squad
- Austria Gods of Quake
- Europe Agony + Realm
- Germany roYality
- Europe elite
- Austria ultima Ratio
- Germany High Fidelity (backup)
- Europe Team Massacre - Eulerian Number

and 3 seasons for
- Austria Team Austria

Guys i played with:

Austria n3co (ultima Ratio ; team austria)
Austria nero (ultima Ratio ; team austria)
Austria day_ (gods of quake ; Agony + Realm ;
roYality ;elite ; ultima Ratio team austria
Austria purzl (ultima Ratio ; team austria)
Austria artis (Sonntag Morgen Squad ; gods of quake ;
ultima Ratio ; team austria
Austria t0m (ultima Ratio ; team austria)
Austria kan0wne (roYality ; team austria)
Austria sick (elite ; team austria)
Austria potter (team austria)
Austria stoRm (ulitma Ratio)
Austria Limbonic (Sonntag Morgen Squad ; gods of quake
ulitma Ratio ; Team Euler - Massacre ; team austria
Austria kenta (High Fidelity)
Austria p1tar (roYality)
Austria mike (roYality ; team austria)
Austria tintje (roYality)
Austria Lomax (gods of quake)
Austria Nighty (gods of quake)
Austria Mounty (gods of quake)
Austria theSeeker (Sonntag Morgen Squad)
Austria FUNKI (Sonntag Morgen Squad)
Austria DirtyHomer (Sonntag Morgen Squad)
Austria madmax (Sonntag Morgen Squad)
Austria mighty (Sonntag Morgen Squad ; gods of quake)
Austria Flower-Power (Sonntag Morgen Squad)
Austria don (Sonntag Morgen Squad)
Austria spon (gods of quake 2nd Squad)
Austria nbd (ultima Ratio ; team austria Backup)
Austria SuQ (ultima Ratio)
Austria ron/// (ultima Ratio ; team austria)
Germany H1 (Sonntag Morgen Squad)
Germany Fear (Agony + Realm)
Germany earth (Agony + Realm)
Germany FlixX (Agony + Realm)
Germany dce (gods of quake)
Germany pete (gods of quake)
Germany redstorm (gods of quake)
Germany duKe_ (roYality ; High Fidelity)
Germany fattony (High Fidelity)
Germany HoLLa (High Fidelity)
Germany roYal (roYality)
Germany g0rg (roYality ; High Fidelity)
Croatia frozz aka raptus (elite)
Croatia ZL1Nk0 (elite)
Croatia calisto (elite)
Finland Matias (elite)
Finland Jacker (CDC3)
Norway Gjerry (Agony + Realm)
Norway SioN (Agony + Realm)
Israel sensy_ (elite)
Israel Stonji (Public + mixes)
Israel montage (Public + mixes)
Israel mulu (Irc xD)
Sweden fuchs (Public + mixes)
Belgium al7 (irc + mixes)
United Kingdom Ahm3d (Irc)
Netherlands saken (Team Euler - Massacre)
Netherlands Bullvox (CDC3)
Netherlands Anox (CDC3)
Netherlands PLU (CDC3)
Denmark Exquizit(Team Euler - Massacre)
Canada anim(Team Euler - Massacre)
Sweden tornis(Team Euler - Massacre)

Players i met in RL:

Austria spon
Austria mighty
Austria Flower-Power
Austria madmax
Austria theSeeker
Germany dce
Austria Nighty
Austria Limbonic
Austria n3co
Austria nero
Austria deadly
Austria purzl
Austria artis
Austria t0m
Austria kan0wne
Austria Tamschi
Austria rav3n
Austria bh
Austria Mr.bean aka naid
Austria ceax
Austria kahoz
Finland Kank3r aka Jacker
Netherlands PLU
Netherlands Anox
Netherlands bullvox


- met Austria day_ IRL
- met Austria arTis IRL
- met Germany dce IRL
- met Austria ultima-ratio IRL
- met Croatia fat people IVL
- BROTHER OF Austria LIMBONIC!!! (gotta be G man)

thanx to lotus :)
Operating Systemdunno
MousepadQcK Steel
Headsetsome 5 years old micro + boxes