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I'm Tatiana aka Kit4na. I started online gaming when I was 11. My first game was RtCW which I played for something like 2.5 years in clans like a-Losers.msi, eSrael.msi, High Fidelity, r4ngers.

I started to play Enemy Territory after. My ET clans include craZy, angelDust, High Fidelity, myLegend, K@ozZ, aGu ...

Quit playing in 2008, picked it up again at the end of 2020.

Mom to 2 beautiful boys.

Tatiana 'Kit4na'


[2003] German cup (DD-C.RTCW [forfeit] )
[2003] Liga4Fun (TM.RTCW [forfeit] )
[2003] Clanbase UK (R4ngers.RTCW)
[2003] Clanbase BENELUX (GNC.RTCW)
[2004] Played in EuroCup (aD.ET)
[2004] ESL Germany (aD.ET)
[2004] ESL Germany (craZy.ET)
[2004] Liga4fun 3o3 cup (CF.ET)
[2004] ESL Germany 3o3 (CF.ET)
[2005] Warleagues 6o6 ECHO I (aGu.ET)
[2006] CB Hosted GER 6o6 (aGu.ET)
[2006] OC DIV3 3o3 (god*.ET)
[2006] Fun-Cup 6o6 (onix ID.ET)
[2007] Benelux Cup III 6o6 (unplug.ET)
[2007] GV.cup 3o3 (unplug.ET)
[2007] TvL-3v3 Cup v3 (aestas.ET)
[2007] GV.cup v2 - 3o3 (unplug.ET)
[2007] Second League OC (unplug.ET)
[2007] cup-relic #2 - 3o3 (mix.ET)
[2007] cup-relic #4 - 3o3 (mix.ET)
[2008] Sun-cup #1 - 6o6 (unplug.ET)
CPUQ8200 @ 2.33GHz
MotherboardIntel® Core™2 Quad
Memory4 GB
Storage584 GB
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce 9500 GS
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows Vista
MonitorMedion 19"
KeyboardLabtec® ultra-flat keyboard
MouseLogitech MX400
MousepadZalman MP1000
HeadsetTnB New Style stereo