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Quote by ibunforgiven omg just went to clab ,bac from clab and i gat nambar from samting luking laik a garl and si gaiv mi a strang nambar with 8 digits,idk maibi is nambar for loto,mi so drank ahahahahaha

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Quote by Rhand on 27/08/11, 03:25:44 PM | Report | Reply You're Turkish, the only interaction you have with Western girls is rape.

Quote by Rhand on 27/08/11, 05:09:53 PM | Report | ReplyMister Jameson, please don't talk to Al1. He's turkish and will kill you if you say something wrong.
trust me, I've got experience with Turkey


The ultimate form of arrogance:
Belgium uNDEAd: zonder mij zijn jullie niks

The one rule i follow in my life:
Sometimes you need to leave to come back stronger