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Old teams:

Germany KreSti
Germany Stownage
Germany Bl4d3
Belgium Jere
Belgium Chry

MGCs: Nordic, replay, one4one, mouK, anti-gaming, rage-gaming
Belgium Lazio
Germany kreSti
Germany sTOWNAGE
Netherlands Lightning (SAGE merc)
Norway Eirik
Estonia hell
United Kingdom kamz
Estonia Euruz
Croatia suVi
United Kingdom w3st
Sweden rat
United Kingdom R0SS
United Kingdom Tardler
Netherlands BuLL
Switzerland DabSter
Hungary Nonix
Germany duKe_
Finland toNi HAHAHAHA
Estonia Indu
Denmark xcN
Estonia allan
Netherlands kitty (CC5 merc)
Netherlands zak (CC5 merc)


Clanbase Opencup Premier Spring 2008 - one4one
Clanbase Opencup Premier Spring 2009 - zZz
Clanbase SummerCup Premier League 2010 - #baserace.et
Replay Cup Premier League - one4one
ESL Major Series II - Replay Sleeperz
CB ET SW NationsCup XIII - UK
4th Clanbase 6on6 SummerCup 2009 - Celsus

Clanbase Eurocup XIV - g2p
Clanbase Eurocup XXIII - Nordic/Sleeperz
4th SAGE - Nordic/Sleeperz
4th Clanbase Eurocup XX - Sleeperz
4th Clanbase Eurocup XXII - rAge/Sleeperz

CB 3on3 OpenCup Premier Fall 2010 - #baserace.et
ESL 3on3 Fall Season 1st Division 2010 - #baserace.et
ESL 3on3 Spring Season 1st Division 2009 - Dave
ESL 3on3 Fall Season 1st Division 2009 - Dave
CPUIntel Viiv Core 2 Duo E6700 Processor (2.66GHz,1066MHz,4MB cache)
Memory2048MB 667MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM [2x1024]
Storage500GB Serial ATA RAID 0 Stripe [2x250GB 7200rpm drives with DataBurst cache]
Graphics768MB nVidia GeForce 8800 GTX graphics card
SoundSound Blaster Live 24-bit
Operating SystemWindows Vista Home Premium
MonitorDell 20" Black Wide Flat Panel (E207WFP)
KeyboardSaitek PZ30AU Eclipse Illuminated Keyboard - Blue
MouseLogitech mx518
MousepadRazer Mantis Speed
HeadsetSennheiser HD212 Stereo Headphones