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Germany We Want To Kill Ya
Europe Smoking Guns
Germany Legends-of-Wolfenstein
Germany #dJ.eSports
Germany Appetite 4 Destruction
Germany #minus-gaming

Currently playing for:

Fasten Seatbelt (Funteam)]
>> [urlnew=http://www.fasten-seatbelt.net.ms]http://www.fasten-seatbelt.net.ms[/url]
>> #fastenseatbelt.et

Austria dakiNe
Germany/Poland Daywalker
Germany draQ
Germany eiM
Germany Jimbo
Germany Z1ppo
Germany zhul

Team Köln]
Germany eiM (c)
Germany draQ
Germany krest
Germany nYx
Germany Vegt4
Germany Z1ppo
Germany/Poland Daywalker (merc)
Austria Scorch (merc)
Germany zhul (merc)


Mail: Z1ppo@gmx.net
ICQ: 273937974
MSN: Z1ppo@gmx.net
Skype: Z1ppo89
XFire: Z1ppo89
IRC: #a4d.et

Special Shoutouts go to:[/b]

Germany/Poland Daywalker - My longtime I-Net homie who I finally met in rL ^^ <3
Germany draQ - My uber-haXx0r rL-friend <3
Germany Jimbo - My lil Emo-friend that I actually met too often in rL :) <3
Germany zhul - Teh uber-Rifle from Hamburg who I visited last summer <3
Austria dakiNe - My laggy austrian friend <3
Germany Sn4ke - Most competent ESL-Admin ever (seriously NO irony!) <3
Germany eiM - My sarcastic 1on1-flame opponent xD <3
Germany kwiks - My old a4d-Teammate (got a bit out of my view :<) <3
Jamaica splAsh - Fastest weed-smoker on earth (playing ETQW now :<) <3

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FD-Cup 2006 with Germany a4d
ET-FL Group 3 2006 with Germany a4d
ET-FL Premier-Group 2006 with Germany a4d
L4F Goldendunk-Cup 2006 with Germany a4d
#re-play 6on6 1 Day-Cup with Germany/Austria fASTEN
6th Liga4Fun ET Custom Season with Germany a4d
CPUIntel Core 2 Duo (2x 2.4 GHz)
Memory2048 MB Dual-Channel DDR2-RAM
Storage2x 320 GB SATA II (int.) + 200GB Seagate (ext.) = 840 GB total
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS Overclocked (640 MB RAM)
SoundSoundMAX HD Audio 7.1
Operating SystemWindoof XP Prof.
MonitorFujitsu Siemens Scaleoview 19"
KeyboardLogitech G11
MouseLogitech MX518
MousepadRazer eXactMat
Headsetednet 5.1
ConnectionDSL 1000 (T-Offline) -_-"