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Als ik me steentje bjidraag krijg je een baksteen op je kop !

A rebellion is, in the most general sense, a refusal to accept authority. It may therefore be seen as encompassing a range of behaviours from civil disobedience to a violent organized attempt to destroy established authority. It is often used in reference to armed resistance against an established government, but can also refer to mass nonviolent resistance movements. Those who participate in rebellions are known as "rebels".

"Newbie", is used as an endearing term to identify newcomers to a game or place. This definition can be shared with the term "noob", although many believe it has a different meaning.
n popular belief, the term "noob" can also be an insult to a person who is being irritating by their actions. Noob is used as a term of disdain for new or lower ranking player or used as a method of demeaning accomplished players who make 'stupid mistakes'.


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