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United States of America Leader/Founder Team Cross Breed (RTCW, ET, ET:QW, WOLF2, COD4, TF2, BC2)

United States of America Former Director of League Operations: Stronger Than All League (League Inactive)
-Former Head Admin STA-ET 6v6 League
-Former Head Admin STA-ET:QW League
-Former Head Admin STA-ET 3v3 League
-Former Head Admin STA-ET:QW 5v5 Inf Only League
-Former Support Admin STA-RTCW League
Admin Experience: Hired August 2003 - Current (inactive league)

United States of America Current Head Lead ET Ladder Admin - Teamwarfare League (TWL)
-Lead MOH:AA Ladder Admin (3v3 & 5v5 Sniper Only)
Admin Experience: Hired Spring 2011 - Current


Team Cross Breed is an online gaming team. We compete with other teams in friendly matches, scrimmages, leagues, ladders, and other events to prove ourselves as a fun and competitive gaming team. We strive to show our dedication by showing good sportsmanship in game and within the gaming communities we are involved. We wish to provide our members with a feeling of family, friendship and to provide a fun and friendly environment in which to play.


United States of AmericaTeam: Team Cross Breed:
6th Place TGL WOLF Intel Extreme Tournament (3-1 Record, Lost 5th Place Match)
3rd Place STA-ET:QW Season #4 Playoffs (5-7 Record Including Playoffs)
3rd Place TGL ET:QW 5v5 Season #2 Playoffs (5-5 Record Including Playoffs)
2nd Place STA-ET Season #10 Playoffs (losers bracket) (6-5 Record Including Playoffs)
3rd Place STA-RTCW Season #6 (10-3 Record Including Playoffs)
3rd Place STA-RTCW Season #5 (7-5 Record Including Playoffs)
Total Team Record: 170-206-9 (As Of 2/25/10)

United States of AmericaTeam: Hybrid Paradox:
Finished 3rd in the RTCW: True Gaming Tournament #2 (3-4, lost in Semi Finals)

United States of AmericaTeam: Fruit Flies:
Finished Reg Season 1st Place: True Gaming Tournament #3 (5-0)
-TGT 3 Tourny Playoff Champions! (2-0 in Playoffs! 7-0 Total)
CPUAMD Phenom II X4 955 3.2 GHz
MotherboardAsus Evo M4A
Memory8 Gig Mushkin RAM
Storage1 TB Western Digital
GraphicsGeForce GTX 285
SoundCreative Fatality Blaster X-fi (Fatality Edition)
Operating SystemWin 7
Monitor28 Hanns-G
KeyboardSteelseries 6G Version 1
MouseRazor Mamba (Wireless)
MousepadSteel Series QCK+
HeadsetSteel Series 5H USB Edition
ConnectionCheeta Fast