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Swedish oldskewler.. Long since I played serious thou Also musician, father of 3...

ET clans : $ILL, SISSY, K1ck , Cser.dae , Act , Inno, imaginatiff, sFx.img, o8 and some more in an early stage .. :)

RTCW : TKT, cOb, KiH, $ILL, TW

Starring in 2 fragmovies :

Beneath the surface (made by kakis ) both him Julia and me is stars in it .. :p

Eye of the riflenader (made by 40 yo women nillan) shows me in a horror kind of way vs some really good opponents ..

Today 2017 I play these games online:

Diablo 3 as gobar
BF4 as g00bar
CS Steam Id g00bar
ET - some public games mainly in G.O.C server


Enemy Territory

Swedish captain in ET CB/NC Season IX (2006)

(in-official) Swedish captain in ET CB/NC season VIII (Ozzy was chosen but left it all to me, because of all the flaming about his players of choice) .

my 2 fragmovies are now lost in time , but they are on youtube in wrong sound .. :)


KiH! I was there from the beginning, was a bit older than the others, but I was there before we even had a name.. remember that we in league games didnt have full team, won games anyway 4 vs 6 etc.. :) still today the best clan Ive played in.. now im to old to learn anything new anyways so I guess im just nostalgic over having played with all those great players , especially on the iNtour rtcw LAN! with clans such as: a co OP Epitaph/Rewind << (epiwind), iNfensus, snaps, sp00ks (187?) Infront and KiH... Correct me if im wrong.. shoutcasting from the event was Tsn-warwitch as I recall.. KiH team; Arne, Fette, Wuff, Zerom, Lampan & gob@r (me).

thanx for the interest... :)
CPUAmd 860k *4
MotherboardAsus gaming
GraphicsSapphire Nitro radeon rx 480 8gb
Operating SystemWindows 10
MonitorEizo Foris fg?? 120hz*2
MouseCorsair & q-pad
HeadsetRazer blackshark
Connection100 mbit/sek BBB