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Is It Time to Replace Your iPhone Battery? Here's How to Find Out
No matter how well you take care of your iPhone, and how often you use high resourced apps like, you will eventually run into problems. While you can live with a cracked screen or a blurry camera, there are inevitably internal hardware issues that can make your device difficult to use. And that includes a faulty or old battery.

If your iPhone charges slowly, have trouble charging throughout the day or shuts down unexpectedly, you may have a battery health issue. This is a common problem as all batteries degrade over time - but is it enough of a problem that you're considering replacing the battery?

In this story, we'll show you how to easily check if your iPhone battery needs to be replaced or not, and what you can do to extend its life.

Check the health of the iPhone battery
The iPhone battery decreases over time, but the battery can also be damaged on a new iPhone. You can quickly check for battery health issues by going to Settings > Battery > Battery health and charging. If you're using something older than iOS 16.1, the latest will only show up as Battery Health.

Above is the maximum battery capacity, which should be at or near 100% if you have a relatively new iPhone.
However, you want to look at the top yield and the sentence below it. If you see that Battery is currently supporting normal maximum power, you have no identified battery problems, and should not be replaced.

Need to replace your iPhone battery?
If you see one of the following messages, you may need to replace the battery, or at least make an appointment with Apple or an authorized service provider to check the battery:
This iPhone turned off unexpectedly because the battery couldn't power it. required maximum power. To prevent this from happening again, Performance Management was used/You manually disabled Performance Management protections.
This iPhone cannot determine the battery status. The battery can be serviced by an Apple Authorized Service Center. Learn more about service options.
The condition of the battery has deteriorated significantly. An Apple Authorized Service Provider can replace the battery to restore full performance and power.

Is there anything you can do to extend your iPhone battery life?
The faster you use up your daily battery life, the faster your overall battery life will decrease, so here are some tips that Apple recommends you follow:
Update to the latest available software.
Adjust the screen brightness (manually or automatically) as needed.
Use Wi-Fi when possible.
Enable power saving mode if necessary.
Disable background application updates (generally or per application).
Disable location services (generally or by application).
Disable enable notifications.
Enable airplane mode if necessary.
When you charge your phone with a computer, make sure the computer is connected.

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