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Poland Fear Factory X-Fi

Poland ET.owned.pl


Poland 4FuN

Poland m0nia
Poland templar
Poland Set
Poland Szyna
Poland smoke
Poland Svepe
Poland dIZEL`
Poland Mercenrary
Poland m0rt!

Poland Fear Factory X-Fi @ Goleniów Game Theatre 2008 LAN

Poland Wrobel
Poland wiesiek
Poland dvk3
Poland Templar
Poland krisek
Poland uf0l
Poland Set


Poland LoCkheed
Poland Endarked
Poland duce!
Poland S4rna

#ff.org @ QuakeNet & www.fearfactory.pl

(2007) Poland Team Phoenix (ex. BVG):

Poland dvk3
Poland wiesiek
Poland duce!
Poland _maik
Poland lesbian
Poland Set

#phoenix.et @ QuakeNet

The best ET clan ever
(2007) Poland Betsson Voodoo Gaming
Poland LoCkheed
Poland Templar
Poland dvk3
Poland Smaug
Poland Dvl
Poland qbas
Poland Set

+ in past:

Poland JC
Poland NoOne
Poland JJ
Poland Thoro


2nd place at Silesia Game Festival (Lan Party Slask #3) 2007
+ few online


(2006/2007) Poland Logitech UVM (aka Poland team delta):

Poland NoOne
Poland LoCkheed
Poland doktor
Poland S4rna
Poland dialer
Poland Krein
Poland nrs
Poland B4nd|t
Poland Tasslehoff
Poland gotti
Poland Mrozu
Poland Meskal
Poland Set
Poland Cahr
Poland Tsunami


2nd at Lan Party Slask #2 & 5th at Poznan Game Arena 2

(2006) Europe European Soldiers:

too many..

(2006) Poland Steal & Destroy:

Poland wildcat
Poland geralt
Poland cfaniak
Poland dionek
Poland garfield
Poland Set
Poland Y4r0

(2006) Poland Nonsense Clan

Poland Graszew
Poland scorpion
Poland rainuS
Poland Wielki
Poland magiq
Poland Elvis
Poland Ramzi
Poland Set

(2005/2006) Poland Destructive

Poland kaczka
Poland kenij
Poland pirX
Poland nOob
Poland Set
Poland cygan

(2004/2005) Poland Dark Soldiers:

Poland QwE
Poland SamRaj
Poland Set
Poland Kuloch
Poland Artur
Poland RedAngel
Poland Broken

(2004) Poland XUL:

Poland Set (aka Dok)
Poland Banan (aka mat)
Poland Levi
Poland Kitek
Poland Raptor
Poland X-Life
Poland respect
Poland Mleko
Poland Magneto

Poland Team Poland Carrier

GTV.pl Team at Media Nations Cup

Poland sinuss
Poland Set
Poland mrk
Poland s0kl
Poland bandiT
Poland Sensi
Poland orsz
Poland lab
Poland Thoro
Poland Esse

Poland Mit0s (cap)
Poland krc
Poland S4rna
Poland LoCkheed
Poland nrs
Poland wiesiek

Poland Set PR

Poland Thoro (cap)

Poland wiesiek
Poland Wrobel
Poland Robol
Poland buzka
Poland chester
Poland kot

Poland Set PR

Org/management stuff:
Main org. #cb6on6.pl
Redactor Team-Poland.info
Public Relations Team Poland.ET at Nations Cup IX
Newsman Logitech UVM
Clanleader Logitech UVM
Graphic Steelhand (easyteam)
Redactor hardware.owned.pl
Admin at ET na Lan Party Slask 2
Org. ET.owned.pl Awards 2006
Owner ET.owned.pl
Graphic ET.owned.pl
Redactor Owned.pl
Management member of Owned.pl
Public Relations Team Poland.ET at Nations Cup X
Admin at Lan Party Slask 2
Org. Voodoo Gaming
Public Relations Voodoo Gaming
@ at #wolfpl@QuakeNet
Public Relations Thoro-Pictures
Manager Voodoo Gaming Enemy Territory squad
Head admin at Lan Party Slask 3 (Silesia Game Festival)
Owner et.teampoland.net
Working in agency of estate
Whiner @ et.owned.pl
Member of GTV.pl Team at Media Nations Cup
Cheatbuster @ etcup
Manager in Creative Fear Factory X-Fi


ET.owned Awards 2006 - Best Enemy Territory redactor in Poland
ET.owned Awards 2007 - Biggest ego player on PL ET scene

Beeing accused of aimbot by Poland sOme & Poland gnajda in 3v3 game
CPUAMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4800+
MotherboardASUSTeK Computer INC. M2N-SLI
Memory2GB Kingstone
StorageST 149.05GB & ST 232.88GB
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS
SoundC-Media CM6501 Like Sound Device
Operating SystemWindows 7
MonitorLG Flatron L192WS
KeyboardMicrosoft Sidewinder X6
MouseRazer DeathAdder
MousepadRazer Mantis Control
HeadsetIcemat Siberia Black & Creative 2.1
Connection24 mb/s