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  • June 23, 1991
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I find your lack of bass disturbing


CB Open Cup Fall 2007 with Europe noTeamplay
11th Cup together with Turkey fireBall, Lithuania kuRdt & Germany eMpTy
ESL ETF Summer 2007 - 1st Group with Europe noTeamplay
ESL ETF Spring 2007 - 2nd Group with Europe noTeamplay
3rd German Federal ET Cup (ESL) with Sachsen Team Sachsen
CB OC 6on6 2007 - 7th Group with Europe noTeamplay

Other achievements:

Thousands of my comments on Crossfire got deleted
ET Allstars was shown on German TV (GIGA eSports)
Laggiest yerman!
Medskilled cook!
5th of one of the most sweared words on Crossfire! ("sucks")
20th of 2007's top spammer sluts (3030 comments | 8,3 comments / Day)
31th of 2007's top journal contributers (105 journals | 0,29 journals / Day)
100th of 2008's first top journal contributers awards (Total: 25 Daily: 0.14)
Memoryi have some
Graphicsi see you
Soundque paso?
Operating Systemyes
MonitorSamsung SyncMaster BX2431 (24") ---> Actually still the same after all those years, lol.
KeyboardRoccat Isku FX
MouseRoccat Kone[+]
MousepadRoccat Taito (mid-size | 3 mm)
HeadsetAKG K 271 MkII
Connection50 Mbit