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  • Franco Vald├ęs (27)
  • June 23, 1991
  • Lives in Sachsen sn
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You find some of my fragmovies and some previews + testclips here:
You can also find some of my and other moviemaker's works here:
Have fun with it!

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Games I play

Battlefield 3
Quake Live
Enemy Territory

Current Team(s)


My Clan History
(no order)

Austria Austrian Crazy Gamers / inFinity Gaming
Germany re-play
Germany mouK-eSports
Germany appetite 4 destruction
Germany aviz
Germany PMCG
Germany Money over Bitches (War§ow)
Germany noTeamplay
Europe Division.EU
Europe inTrepid
Finland sFx.Gaming
Hungary T4ce.OBiNet

My Fragmovies

(no order of appearance)

ET Allstars (starring top players like Spain Winghaven, Germany snoop and Netherlands kris
ET Allstars 2 Trailer (the 2 full-length frags were performed by Belgium kevin and Austria potter)
ET Allstars 2 (starring top players like Latvia Clown, Germany RamiN and Estonia asd
Maaah - The Movie (starring United Kingdom Sheep)
kevin alone at home (starring Belgium kevin)
jetro's KTHXBYE (starring Belgium jetro)
GIFTYS FRATZENGEBALLER DELUXE (starring Switzerland gifty)
fracmovie (starring Netherlands frac)
brummbrumm (starring Germany humM3L)
Lilium (starring Germany ohzor4)
endless intoXication (starring me)
intoX 2 (starring me)
intoX 3 (starring me)
intoX 4 (starring me, created by Germany slifer)
intoX 5 (starring me)
and of course a lot of short frag clips, preview clips and just-for-fun-clips, made for me or others.

Also there were offers to me for fragmovies which I just couldn't finish, which I couldn't even begin because of several reasons or in some cases I just denied them. Such offers/fragmovies were:

Out of the Way 2 (starring Spain Winghaven)
Connectivus Interruptus (starring Germany lagg3r)
team-beta Fragmovie (starring the ex-beta players like Germany pumu, Germany butchji, Germany keran, etc.)
Pancake (starring Finland lettu)
razz vs violence 2 (starring United Kingdom razz)
dAv1d's pantoffelmovie (starring Belgium dAv1d)
and some more I think...can't remember them all. Getting old. :(

IRC (Quakenet): #webartdesign #crossfire
Steam: realsnoop
Origin/Battlefield 3: vaGgina
Playstation Network/Fifa 13: vaGgiiii
DC Universe Online: BlackSun
Quake Live: vaGgi


Online achievements:

CB Open Cup Fall 2007 with Europe noTeamplay
11th Cup together with Turkey fireBall, Lithuania kuRdt & Germany eMpTy
ESL ETF Summer 2007 - 1st Group with Europe noTeamplay
ESL ETF Spring 2007 - 2nd Group with Europe noTeamplay
3rd German Federal ET Cup (ESL) with Sachsen Team Sachsen
CB OC 6on6 2007 - 7th Group with Europe noTeamplay

Other achievements:

Got a Quake Live Closed Beta Invite! (Used it one day before the open beta started :<)
Received MTM's aka Jussi's sms for Christmas
Received MTM's aka Jussi's sms for my 16th birthday irl
Received MTM's aka Jussi's mobile call irl
Thousands of my comments on Crossfire got deleted
ET Allstars was shown on German TV (GIGA eSports)
My name and Gifty's Fratzengeballer Deluxe 1 were mentioned on the zeroPoint page! Just have a look at this article:
My comment about ET:QW in a random journal ("sucks hard") was mentioned on crossfire news about the preview of ET:QW
Laggiest yerman!
Medskilled cook!
5th of one of the most sweared words on Crossfire! ("sucks")
20th of 2007's top spammer sluts (3030 comments | 8,3 comments / Day)
31th of 2007's top journal contributers (105 journals | 0,29 journals / Day)
100th of 2008's first top journal contributers awards (Total: 25 Daily: 0.14)
CPUIntel Core i7 CPU K 875 (4x 2.93 GHz)
Memory8GB DDR3
Storage4,0 TB (2,5 TB internal + 1,5 GB external)
GraphicsAMD R9 290 Tri-X OC (4096 MB)
SoundSteinberg UR22
Operating SystemWindows 7 Home Premium (64 Bit)
MonitorSamsung SyncMaster BX2431 (24")
KeyboardRoccat Isku FX
MouseRoccat Kone[+]
MousepadRoccat Taito (mid-size | 3 mm)
HeadsetAKG K 271 MkII
Connection10 Mbit