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Has attended an ET LAN event


Best Classic Game: Switzerland vs Germany, 2006
Best Contemporary Game: United Kingdom vs Chile, 2020

Clan history:
Europe Switzerland DabSter (c)
France emorej
Slovakia filuS
Estonia freeze
Finland lettu
Estonia mant
Poland palemki
Croatia rimi
Sweden rat

Switzerland gifty
Croatia frozz
Netherlands Leonneke
Netherlands ovie

Anonymous Lazio (c)
United Kingdom w3st
United Kingdom griim
Estonia hell
Norway Eirik
Sweden rat
Switzerland DabSter

Anonymous Lazio (c)
United Kingdom w3st
United Kingdom R0SS
United Kingdom griim
Netherlands BuLL
Switzerland DabSter

Poland Homer (manager)

Switzerland DabSter (c)
France emoReJ
France maxuh
Sweden rat
Germany zerender
Switzerland giftpilz

Belgium xAv
Canada anim
Poland Homer (manager)

Europe Jacks vs Europe atoon Won 4-0
Europe Jacks vs Belgium overload Won 4-2
Europe Jacks vs Poland Fear Factory Lost 0-4
Europe Jacks vs France muse Lost 2-4

Canada anim
Estonia euruz
Estonia scyter
Germany ohzor4
Germany Sight
Anonymous immoo

Switzerland Daby
Estonia emerica

Europe Team <[
Belgium Worm (c)
Switzerland DabSter
Switzerland ReavEr
Switzerland Rapt6rr
Belgium Spiroze
Belgium Kevin

Netherlands ovie
France Eht

CDC3 games we played:
Europe <[o]> vs Europe dignitas Lost 0-4 21.09.07
Europe <[o]> vs Netherlands MAZZ Won 4-0
Europe <[o]> vs Netherlands Hardgaming Won 4-0
Europe <[o]> vs Europe k1ck Lost 2-4 :<
Europe <[o]> vs Europe team massacre Won 4-0
Europe <[o]> vs France muse Won 4-0 23.09.07
Finished 9th
France emorej (c)
France momo
France fra
France maxuh
France serial
France Colo
Switzerland ReavEr
Switzerland DabSter
Belgium Xend

First Lineup:
Switzerland arrow (cap)
Switzerland ReavEr
Switzerland DabSter
Finland Iratou
Canada anim
Germany ohzor4

Germany conan
Switzerland Rapt6rr
United Kingdom fazz
Latvia speedy
Netherlands Insecure (manager)

Second Lineup:
Switzerland ReavEr
England miXer
Netherlands saccinator
Switzerland DabSter
Finland Iratou
Germany viol

Switzerland Rapt6rr
Germany ohzor4
Netherlands Insecure (manager)

Slovenia on3md (manager)
Slovenia immoo (cap)
Switzerland arrow
Switzerland DabSter
Switzerland ReavEr
Italy bLiz
Italy diO
Netherlands wuKaS
Czech Republic bu7ch
Norway Snuble
Slovenia vektor
Slovenia WiseBoy

France Elsen (manager)
France freek
France Bumeu
France Eht
Switzerland arrow
Switzerland DabSter
France senvelt
France Iban
France pheex

Switzerland aspa (cap)
France Eht (co-cap)
France Elmo (co-cap)
Switzerland DabSter
France kemar
France Ark
France warN
France aphasia
France Aero
Poland veXo

Playing inactively since June 2005

National Team:
Switzerland [img|center]http://img75.imageshack.us/img75/5726/switzerlandks1.png[/img]

Switzerland gifty
Switzerland Rapt6rr
Switzerland DabSter
Switzerland vegi
Switzerland Melkor
Switzerland ReavEr
Switzerland GuNnEr
Switzerland MTM

Anonymous arrow
Switzerland dooZie
Switzerland vEg
Switzerland wck (manager)

Games I played:
Switzerland Switzerland vs Slovakia Slovakia Won 4-0 13.11.06
Switzerland Switzerland vs Germany Germany Won 4-2
Switzerland Switzerland vs France France Won 4-2
Switzerland Switzerland vs Chile Chile Won 4-2
Switzerland Switzerland vs Hungary Hungary Won 4-2
Switzerland Switzerland vs Israel Israel Won 4-2
Switzerland Switzerland vs Australia Australia Lost 2-4 :<
Switzerland Switzerland vs United Kingdom United Kingdom Lost 0-4
Switzerland Switzerland vs Canada Canada Won 4-0
Switzerland Switzerland vs Ukraine Ukraine Won 4-0
Switzerland Switzerland vs Belgium Belgium Lost 0-4 18.08.08

Movies :
DabSter The Movie featuring Switzerland DabSt3rr
Reloaded featuring France Eht and Switzerland DabSt3rr
Mettle featuring Switzerland DabSt3rr
Just Spam It - Trailer featuring Germany ohzor4
Just Spam It featuring Germany ohzor4 and Switzerland DabSt3rr
Most Hated 2 - Trailer featuring United Kingdom Hype
Delirium featuring Switzerland DabSter
Mettle II - Teaser featuring Switzerland DabSter
Mettle II featuring Switzerland DabSter
Mettle Leftovers featuring Switzerland DabSter
LameSt3rr featuring Switzerland DabSt3rr
Bad Memory featuring Belgium Kevin

Quote(18:49:42) ~ (@helll) [07:49:09] (@griim) yay est fags with their retarded 10 year old humour
(18:49:50) (@DabSter) (18:47:46) ~ (@griim) ur just a faggot DabSter, listen to music from ur own shit country then
(18:49:53) ~ (@aToOn|al) [11:21:55] (@zZz`griim) yeah even your mom is a better ride than mine
(18:50:00) (@DabSter) (18:43:43) ~ (@griim) FINE THEN I'LL SAY NOTHING
(18:50:08) —› mode: (griim) sets (+b *!*@148-70.77-83.cust.bluewin.ch)
(18:50:08) —› mode: (DabSter) sets (-b *!*@148-70.77-83.cust.bluewin.ch)
(18:50:14) —› kick: (DabSter) was kicked by (griim) (hows this)
(18:51:23) —› joined (#rp.priv)
(18:51:23) —› mode: (Q) sets (+o DabSter)
(18:51:30) —› mode: (DabSter) sets (-o griim)
(18:51:35) —› mode: (DabSter) sets (+v griim)
(18:51:36) ~ (+griim) what kind of nerdy freak has binds to unban
(18:51:42) ~ (@aToOn|al) :D

(18:34:54) (mouK`DabSter) i am maybe going to uni in hollan
(18:34:55) (mouK`DabSter) d
(18:35:03) ~ (mouK`BuLL) what city?
(18:35:05) (mouK`DabSter) windesheim
(18:35:14) (mouK`DabSter) my cousin is there
(18:35:16) ~ (mouK`BuLL) ah im at the same school : )
(18:35:23) (mouK`DabSter) no just kidin
(18:35:23) (mouK`DabSter) :D
(18:35:27) ~ (mouK`BuLL) hahahahahha
(18:35:29) ~ (mouK`BuLL) RETARD
(18:35:31) ~ (mouK`BuLL) FUCK U

(18:56:54) (@anim) I've gotten a gun pulled on me once
(18:57:00) (@anim) shit happens
(18:57:35) (@anim) was driving by, he chirped me (you know what that is?)
(18:58:16) (@anim) it's just like when people drive by n insult you n shit
(18:58:27) (@gifty) and then?
(18:58:29) (@anim) so basically he said "you fucking fag" or something like that
(18:58:45) (@anim) and I yelled out "why don't you come say it to my face fucking pussy"
(18:59:09) (@anim) and so the light turned green, he sped around the corner, and his buddy flashed his gun at me and pointed it right at me

(12:35:21) ~ (@gifty) btw, i had an awesome dream
(12:35:29) (@DabSter) of me again?
(12:35:32) ~ (@gifty) no
(12:35:34) ~ (@gifty) even better
(12:35:36) (@DabSter) godthx
(12:35:41) ~ (@gifty) i met a famous pornstar, (male though)
(12:35:47) ~ (@gifty) and he brought me to the pornstars (females)
(12:35:51) ~ (@gifty) and i was talking to some of them
(12:36:19) ~ (@gifty) anyway, i started to touch one of the blondes
(12:36:21) ~ (@gifty) but then she said
(12:36:29) ~ (@gifty) "you are not allowed to touch me, only when we are alone"
(12:36:35) ~ (@emorej) wtf
(12:36:38) ~ (@gifty) and i was like "wtf why, you have sex all the time infront of cameras"
(12:36:44) ~ (@gifty) and then i went out and went bowling
(12:36:48) ~ (@gifty) then i woke up
(12:36:49) ~ (@gifty) and was like
(12:36:50) ~ (@emorej) lold
(12:36:51) ~ (@gifty) "wtf man"
(12:36:54) ~ (@emorej) hahah
(12:37:00) (@DabSter) omg
(12:37:01) (@DabSter) :DD
(12:38:06) ~ (@emorej) y'a autant de boules dans un bowling que dans un gangbang

(19:43:20) ~ (@griim) just a fitness thing or training for a marathon for the chocolate deprived members of slightly less rich areas of switzerland

19:47 @griim • wow so funny heheheh
19:47 • griim [~griimm@host81-152-101-89.range81-152.btcentralplus.com] has quit IRC

(22:01:40) ~ (@griim) played a 3o3 offi vs tekoa/dialer & some guy called pds
(22:01:47) ~ (@griim) one of the easiest 3o3s i played eve
(22:01:48) ~ (@griim) ever*
(22:01:51) ~ (@griim) they were so stupid

21:38 @griim • at a zoo in florida we came across 2 giant turtles plowing eachother, the male roaring as he went
21:39 @griim • i guess u know now what i'd be like as a turtle
21:39 @DabSter • ye
21:39 @DabSter • the other one
21:39 @DabSter • :DDDD
21:39 @griim • :D
21:39 @griim • oh SHIT

19:18 @DabSter • dave the urban trendy rock star
19:24 @griim • one part of that is true

(19:52:24) ~ (griim) well its got nothing to do with me, im clearly hetero
(19:52:27) ~ (griim) so no worries

(18:39:58) ~ (@helll) griim u know who seedorf is?
(18:40:53) ~ (@griim) sunglasses guy

(21:28:25) ~ (@ratZillA) waki... the guy who throws strikes indoors to confuse the enemys

(20:01:12) ~ (@griim) "got game"
(20:01:14) ~ (@griim) theres 3 on vent
(20:01:20) ~ (@griim) nobhead

23:09 DabSter • gl w3st
23:09 w3st • fuck off

(00:03:08) ~ (@griim) hate this channel
(18:37:06) ~ (@griim) i really shouldnt join this channel anymore

(21:20:49) ~ (@zZz^griim) i can totally multiclass

«22:05:14» {@zZz^griim} you know i like my sausage big

(23:13:01) ~ (@zZz^hell) and lets play guys?
(23:13:18) (@DabSter) u need one?
(23:13:23) ~ (@zZz^hell) nah we got 5 i guess
(23:13:26) ~ (@zZz^hell) if lazio plays
(23:13:49) —› kick: (zZz^Lazio) was kicked by (DabSter) (Trying to establish a new kick record...)
(23:13:57) (@DabSter) wat?
(23:13:58) (@DabSter) :D
(23:14:01) ~ (@zZz^hell) :DDDDDDDD

(00:47:28) (@DabSter) zZz^griim is now sad and gay
(00:47:41) ~ (@zZz^griim) neither :(
(00:47:46) ~ (@zZz^griim) okay maybe 1
(00:48:07) (@DabSter) we all know which one
(00:48:10) (@DabSter) u can stop there
(00:48:22) ~ (@zZz^griim) i know :)

(22:17:48) ~ (+griim) way too much gaystuff going on here these days

(20:28:11) ~ (@zZz`griim) why does everyone want to make me look like an asshole?!

(14:59:10) (@zero`sCyter) you have to sell your car now immu
(14:59:21) (@zero`Daby) (not enough lol)
(14:59:26) (@zero`immoo) RPOFL
(14:59:37) (@zero`immoo) MY CAR COSTS 10X TIMES MORE THEN YOU
(14:59:55) (@zero`eurUz) then u have a really cheap car
(15:00:12) (@zero`Daby) eurUz x 10 = 100€
(15:00:28) (@zero`immoo) fuck you all
(15:00:35) (@zero`immoo) i am leacing you
(15:00:36) (@zero`immoo) NOW
(15:00:40) (@zero`immoo) leaving*
(15:00:42) (@zero`sCyter) wrumm wrummm
(15:00:45) —› nick: (zero`immoo) is now known as (zeroff`immoo)

Borat: I made my way to the bathroom to take a piss and after i was done i reached for the flushbutton... at the same time i felt an urge to spit into the toilet and so i did... and ofc i managed to spit on my own hand while trying to reach the button.. -.-

• 01:31 @DabSter • oula vou jouez les roumains
• 01:31 @emorej • oh plz
• 01:31 @DabSter • fais gaffe à tes poches
• 01:31 @emorej • oui bah sur gr ils vont défendre la roulotte au lieu du tank
• 01:31 @emorej • à coup sur
• 01:31 @DabSter • hahahah

(21:00:01) ~ (@SL|gifty) play o rnot play?
(21:00:04) ~ (@SL|gifty) DabSter
(21:00:05) ~ (@SL|gifty) offi now
(21:00:11) (@DabSter) well
(21:00:59) ~ (@SL|gifty) so..?
(21:01:17) (@DabSter) i d like to
(21:01:19) (@DabSter) :D
(21:05:21) ~ (invveritas) hmm we could ask specs on ettv to play?

(12:50:04) (@|K|gifty) dudes
(12:50:09) (@|K|gifty) we are the coolest, me and my friends

19:43 @filuS • I like melons as well

00:28 @filuS • with all honesty, I am very skilled in what I do

(22:59:57) (^giftyafk) i thought of you
(23:00:00) (^giftyafk) when i was shitting before

Nils on 18/06/07, 14:19:59 PM | Reply
OOOO hope we are all safe when we go to lan, we need bodyguards infront of cpc3 so the allmighty arrow wont kill us all !!

(15:46:51) ~ (@emorej) il se touche la prostate en jouant
(15:46:59) ~ (@emorej) y'a plus de plaisir lorsque l'hs retentit

18:23… @rimi: n1ce`mama
18:23… @rimi: wtf?
18:23… @rimi: -vegeta & dio + nuggan & gnadja
18:23… acozzica`afk has joined #cortana.pvt
18:23… Q sets mode: +o acozzica`afk
18:24… @n1ce`mama: legitime player
18:25… @rimi: gnajda?
18:25… zero`immoo: :DDDDDDD
18:25… @rimi: i mean
18:25… @n1ce`mama: whats so strange
18:25… @rimi: he is fucking cheater man
18:28… @n1ce`mama: he is not a cheater
18:29… @n1ce`mama: u got the cheater in your team 8)
18:29… zero`immoo: :DDDDDD
18:29… @n1ce`mama: http://yawn.boozze.be/findPlayer.yawn?d-1588-p=2&pbGuid=4c6e1a02&gamecode=ET
18:29… @n1ce`mama: check his guid
18:29… @n1ce`mama: einstein
18:29… @n1ce`mama: explain that
18:32… @acozzica`afk: gnajda isn't cheating
18:32… @acozzica`afk: pls mates
18:32… @acozzica`afk: i'm with mama on this one
18:32… @n1ce`mama: no red yawns
18:32… @n1ce`mama: like u said
18:33… @rimi: take chaplja
18:33… @rimi: he has no red yawn
18:36… @rimi: and he'll be better than gnajda
18:36… @n1ce`mama: whats the difference
18:36… @n1ce`mama: between gnadja and sight
18:36… @n1ce`mama: explain it 2 me
18:37… @n1ce`mama: sight got busted aswell
18:43… @acozzica`afk: :ODO
18:45… @n1ce`mama: check the link
18:45… @n1ce`mama: above i gave you
18:45… @n1ce`mama: he is even 2 stupid 2 do it right 8D
18:45… @n1ce`mama: but hey just ignore it
18:45… @n1ce`mama: i bet its a bug

(18:22:58) ~ (anim) I said I wouldn't drink yesterday and we ended up at this party which got busted by the cops

(19:41:59) ~ (@emorej) remarque je parle souvent de gangbang

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#1 France Coupe des Régions! with Team Vaud
#2 Europe OpenCup Premier!
#4 Europe EuropCup XX
#9 Netherlands Crossfire Devotii Challenge LAN 3

#1 & #2 at the same time at Earth GBooky rankings
#3 Earth Dell Mini and own3D Video Contest (100€)
#5 Switzerland Mettle II Best Rated ET Fragmovie on CF

Europe Euro Cup XVIII
Europe Euro Cup XX Playoffs
Europe Euro Cup XXIV Playoffs
Earth Nations Cup X
Earth World Cup I Playoffs
Earth Nations Cup XI
Earth XF Nations Cup Playoffs
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Europe Warleagues Premier 2006
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