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quote Sweden alexL;

United Kingdom Dignitas Clan: Please guys use the money you won in the contest on plastic surgery, it's definitly needed trust me!
Estonia Night - You know there is a place called gym seen one lately? your body shape is almost an exact copy as a pear.
Germany urtier - Well not very much to say, besides that you are as wide as our 50 inch plasma tv.
Germany senji - Oh it's you Senji pew, thought there for a moment that it was my dying grandfather, wrinkles at the age of what 18? = not good.
Somalia JaKaZc - First nice outfit! Please do us a favor don't actually wear the clothes you get from your grandparents ok? I mean come on brown manchester pants? :S
Estonia RELOAd - I don't know what to say actually, you must be the worst looking guy in the whole world. I'm out of words seriously dude please do something. I mean it's easy to put out the bad parts of everyone but sadly i don't have time for that when it comes to you. God you are so ugly!
Estonia r3vers - First of all get a haircut, you look like mickey mouse.
Btw i don't understand how you all can be so ugly and play in the same clan, i mean if you had aids it would be understandable but well have you got aids btw :S?


Germany Flyingdj on 29/11/06 , 04:08:52

There's nothing erotic about a woman's vagina.

United Kingdom Matz on 12/07/07, 23:20:30

flying dj has got to be one of the biggest pricks of the inet, he thinks he has some kind of power , hes some bald ugly guy who goes to lans for a living and wears 20year old Adidas's t-shirt like a werido tbh but yump tornis

(O.o )
(> < )

I wanna puff puff , some of the dutch stuff , I wanna puff puff , gimme the green green stuff.

"mongo, een 8 jarig weesjongetje uit zambia loopt elke dag 3 uur naar school. met uw hulp van 5 euro, kunnen we een zweep kopen en die luie neger laten rennen"

Ze schijnen daar, als bakens in de verte
De duizend lampen van het&#65279; Feijenoord-stadion
Vier reuzen, elk een goliath
Als de hoeders van de stad
Symbolen voor het hele legioen.

Ja ze roepen jou en mij daar in de verte,
de echo die je waar ter wereld horen kan
Die klank wordt overal gehoord
De klank van Feyenoord
De stem van een ware kampioen

Feyenoord, Feyenoord
Niets is sterker dan dat ene woord
Mijn Feyenoord


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ultimate-gaming @ ETFUNCUP 5on5 premier league '07

with 6star #fayntic #Lucky-Bitches
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5haveau :XD

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