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» Currently Playing for :

some nub team called iNm


19:01:59- (@ETNiES) liverpool top of the league!
19:02:30- (@tace`) if ur there at the end of the season i'll drink my own piss

13:31 @tace` if rafa is here next year
13:31 @tace` i'll lick your arse etters

20:19 +Fasolki`niet • seerver is polish but in germany so pigs are great:)
20:19 +Fasolki`niet • nope germany:D
20:19 +Fasolki`niet • pigs :O
20:19 +Fasolki`niet • lol xD
20:19 +Fasolki`niet • pings:)

Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that who cares?... He's a mile away and you've got his shoes! - Billy Connolly

If you weren't born in the 80's your not cool!!!

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Nicest Beer ever <3

There's Nothing to be afraid of virtual reality will rehabilitate your mind and eventually your body, you'll be alright I promise just concentrate, we'll try some music..




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Cracovia Hooligans!!


b00ns :[/u][/i]

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Teh Quotes :[/u]

United Kingdom Delta Age 15 :

"Emilia for the win!!

Big Brother Celebrity Hijack '08"

that just sums it up

im kinda fed up with arguing with people of low intellect

» nEWB(= :

"And please, Remember to HIDE your hack. cuz I know its really hard to hide it, ( i have not tested it, my m8 told me ) . but gl hf"

» #6on6.et

(demeter) low+ and med is the same fucking thing


Denmark Arachon on 26/09/07, 09:11:28 PM | Reply

I'm taller than wing :)

Estonia vessaR on 27/09/07, 22:29:23 PM | Reply

but bold

Denmark Arachon on 28/09/07, 06:04:38 PM | Reply

the word you are looking for is bald, and no... I am not bald.

Ireland Etnies on 28/09/07, 12:09:28 Del | Edit | Reply

haha u owned him


United Kingdom Sp3aKeR on 23/07/07, 02:00:51 PM | Reply

Spelling isn't exactly crucial in a Mathematics degree

United Kingdom Skydeh on 23/07/07, 10:03:38 PM | Reply

You forgot the .

Estonia vessaR on 23/07/07, 12:34:24 PM | Reply

Spelling isn't the exactly crucial in a mathematics degree

United Kingdom Sp3aKeR on 23/07/07, 22:44:14 PM | Reply


Netherlands swas on 26/07/07, 16:09:32 PM | Reply

YOU FAILED indeed.

Finland teLuxe on 02/08/07, 12:51:04 PM | Reply

YOU FAILED miserably.

Anonymous danii on 11/08/07, 17:59:07 PM | Reply


His journal about me!

» United Kingdom raskl (said to English)

Why dont you just let cheaters play in your server with humanised aimbots at least?

» Anonymous rape4inqR

well it does if you have a normally developped brain!!

» Germany nC.Robeh


» Poland h3-tech puchacz

we dont wanna talk with ppl who defy us, understood?


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Countries I've visted :

Germany Germany
Czech Republic Czech Rep
Poland Poland x2
Wales Wales
Netherlands Netherlands
Spain Spain
France France
England England
Scotland Scotland
Belgium Belgium
Viet Nam Vietnam

Ireland Tiocfaidh ár lá!

"Our revenge will be the laughter of our children" - Bobby Sands 1954-1981

"In war, there are no uninjured soldiers - Jose Narosky"
CPUIntel i7 920 4.0 GHZ
MotherboardGigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R
Memory6GB Corsair XMS3 Tri Channel
Storage1TB Samsung F3 + 500GB Western Digital Caviar SATA2
GraphicsATi Radeon 5850 1024MB
SoundRealtek HD
Operating SystemWindows 7 x64
Monitor19" LG LCD 2ms // 27" Phillips LCD 5ms
KeyboardLogitech K300
MouseSteelseries XAI
MousepadSteelseries 9HD
HeadsetSennheiser 161
Connection50mb / 5mb