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playing ET for 4 years now.

had many nicks but mostly used: kenni, crapzr

atm my in game nick is ewuN

- clan history -

/lineups may not be fully accurate.

* Hungary

Hungary Pr0theus
Hungary Stom
Hungary jan0
Hungary tea
Hungary ging3r
Hungary Egérmanó
Hungary reaper

* Hungary designed to nuke squad

Hungary Vampir
Hungary Paulsimon
Hungary War_you
Hungary Alvin
Hungary Szaszpi
Hungary Feise
Hungary Kenny
Hungary Sxtn
Hungary Neo

* Europe /red squad

Hungary dapr0x
Hungary sxtn
Hungary kenni
Denmark deggy
Poland pazuzu
Hungary vampir

* Hungary

Hungary sxtn
Hungary tom3s
Hungary dapr0x
Hungary crapZ0r
Hungary vampire
Hungary wedge

* Hungary

Hungary sxtn
Hungary shino
Hungary vampire
Hungary daprox
Hungary crapzor
Hungary sire

* Hungary

Hungary sxtn
Hungary napalm
Hungary poofe
Hungary bapti
Hungary wedge
Hungary aekos
Hungary arszi
Hungary roope

+ Some two weeks teams i can't remember.

- Current Team

Europe got2be 3on3 // sponsored by budos company

Hungary johNnie
Hungary jose'
Hungary natti
Finland masa

// We adore chaos, because we like to produce order//


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can't remember any.
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