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  • De Vries met C.O.C.K
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.:ET Clan History:.:

Netherlands #Team-Mystery Black (mYst/)
Benelux #Xitarius (xS)
Croatia #Elite (e^) (eM.)

Italy eM.kind3r
Portugal eM.mts
Portugal eM.odiN
Netherlands eM.azz

Europe 2005 (strr.)

Netherlands strr.noa
Netherlands strr.ins
Belgium strr.Kn1ght
Netherlands strr.hkrep
Netherlands strr.tr1ck
Netherlands strr.azznr

Netherlands #Team-Zwolle [z]

Netherlands [z] Echo
Netherlands [z] Challah
Netherlands [z] gdS
Netherlands [z] Roepaht
Netherlands [z] Guardian

.:Current ET Clan(s):.

Europe #Ministrare Gaming. strr.

Netherlands strr.Julius
Netherlands strr.azznr
Netherlands strr.Bounty
Netherlands strr.harM
United Kingdomstrr.Stealth
Belgium strr.Davy
Sweden strr.daniel Miniprofile:.[/b]]image: aztc.

.:Where to find me:.[/b]]

England || *BiO* Clanserver.
Sweden || Efterlyst.
Germany || SkS Public.

.:Nicks Used:.[/b]]
- TimozZz
- gdS
- Azz
- AzzNar
- Azznr

.:Games I play:.[/b]]

- image: wet RTCW: Enemy Territory.
- [img][/img] Guild Wars.
- image: cod4mwd Call of Duty 1,2 and 4.
- Crysis.
- MOH: Airborne.
- Pro Evo '08.
- image: sett6 The Settlers VI: The Rise of an Empire.

.:Music I Like:.[/b]]
- Sweden Amon Amarth.
- Canada Annihilator.
- Sweden Arch Enemy.
- United States of America As I Lay Dieing.
- United States of America Black Label Soc.
- Finland Children Of Bodom.
- Sweden Dark Tranquillity.
- United States of America Dream Theater.
- United States of America God Forbid.
- Netherlands Gorefest.
- Sweden Hypocrisy.
- Sweden In Flames.
- United Kingdom Iron Maiden.
- United States of America Joe Satriani.
- United States of America Lamb of God.
- United States of America Metallica.
- United States of America Obituary.
- Sweden Pain.
- United States of America Pantera.
- United States of America Queensryche.
- United States of America Slayer.
- Sweden Soilwork.
- United States of America Testament.
- United States of America Van Halen
- Sweden Yngwie Malmsteen.

image: 1302
image: 1554
image: 1324
image: 2254
image: 1700
image: 2402
image: 3628


image: unknown aztc
[img][/img] Pm me

image: c_hits


- Lifeless online @ ET for 53 Hours straight.
- Destroy my Keyboard with 1 single slam!
- Banned from Crossfire 2 times (and Counting).
- Banned from Crossfire for my roommate cruizin on the nC website..

Guild Wars:
- 2006 World Championship - Idiot Savants [IQ]
- Back-up in War Machine [WM]
- Played for Power Puff Boys [PUFF], Viritual Dragons [vD], Kiss Me Honey [Kiss]
CPUAMD Athlon™ 64 X2 6000+
Memory2x Kingston HyperX 2 GB DDR2-800 Kit
StorageSamsung Spinpoint T166 (320 GB)
GraphicsSapphire HD2900PRO Retail, 2x DVI-D, Vivo 1024mb(Radeon)
SoundSoundblaster Bla Bla pro..
Operating SystemWindows Vista (Cheap 1)
MonitorSamsung SyncMaster 940N
KeyboardLogitech G15
MouseLogitech MX518
MousepadEverglide Titan Mega Mat
HeadsetCreative Preformance Gaming Hset
ConnectionFAAST (Not polish)