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my clan (hi)story:

.:ApR:. ApR|. myC (backup)
i'm an alien ... i'm an lil alien ..austrian in swiss clan :D

In order to improve my "schwizerdütsch" sk!ll i joined ApR in 2k3. But i never lost contact to my pe0ple #koga forever


After a one year ET break was back and i founded a funsquad called Students of Austria #.:SoA:. On 22.1.2k6 i retired as Leader of .:SoA:. due to my small free time. And because the basic lineup broke. Greetz to Heidl YoDa Gumball dontknow


After another 5 months without ET i was back again. I decided to play in a more decent team then .:SoA: and therefore i joined cdap virtim (python) after having talked to viech and jozz who i know from austria cup ( In this time i organized 2 1day cups with the support from (thx guys) with some decent lineups ( But shortly after the team join in cdap i had to quit again due to rl issues. fuck rl :/

now its the 28.2.2k7 and i still got contact to the scene but i havent played for months. I heard a lot of bad things happened like cheating and about the use of paid aimbots and stuff like that. So i'm not sure if another comeback is the way to go for me but if you c one of these nicks : ram0wna , luck|maf|fe , #koga|maf|fe on the server you know i decided to play again.

Ok, well the name is .:VE|maf|fe:. now because was crazy enough to take me. Hopefully our new team helps me to fill up my achievements so tht i'm not forced to name here the 1st place in austria cup 1 xD

greetz to all et players who know me <3 you alle :D

ps: it is your can take it ...backrape is no should make it ... from zer0 to hero :X

i own tonight .... my stats dont lie if you starting to feel it's right...uuhh baby when you frag like that you make the haxors go mad ..

this if for my koga people...this for my et own people...cmon...cmon

irc:#luCk|maf|fe (q-net)