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Trying to piece together my clan history bit by bit (like that film Memento):

RtCW: Back in the day (2002-2003?)
  • United Kingdom Young And Deadly (YAD): The first team me and my brother formed, and where we met TosspoT, Vinz, and other UK players
  • United Kingdom Clan Z (Z): After they'd competed at Intel Masters. A very friendly and intelligent bunch - Layerski lent me his Icemat in that Manchester Uni LAN when I later played for r4.
  • Europe r4ngers (r4): You can see me get killed in both of Raziel's movies under this tag.
  • United Kingdom digital heresy (dh): Couldn't turn down a chance to play with Vinz - a player who had taught me a lot in the early days
  • United Kingdom Team UK: Insectsx was captain at the time and the only thing I remember is getting a dramatic last second 3-man nade vs Spain on Base to win us the game.

(I also seem to recall playing for phaze at some point, but can't remember who with)

ET - a natural next step (2004+?)
  • Europe r4ngers: Same name, different game & lineup
  • Finland eXanimus: A mostly Finnish team where I learnt useful swear words like perkele (eme, Raveneye, Saintt...)
  • United Kingdom BiO: I'm pretty sure the Icemat XL I still play with today was won playing for BiO. Sphere was the captain, razz was one of my teammates.

A long break from RtCW/ET ensued. I played the originial CoD for a bit and winning 1v5 S&D games was fun, but then WoW came out and I invested a lot of time in that. Randomly ended up at the same guild as [<<] Sulliwan (DarkStorm on Al'Akir). Once I was in 2nd year of uni though, gaming took a backseat.

Rediscovering RtCW for Quakecon 2020
  • United Kingdom 00 Status: Quickly realised it was gonna be more difficult than expected to get back to my previous levels! Still, despite having multiple players fresh back to the game, we gave a good account of ourselves and nearly nicked a round against LLC in the QF's.
  • Europe Omega: After Quakecon, 00 split and I was keen to play in season 1 of the league. A couple weeks before the deadline Graecos and I recruited likeminded players to compete. After a tense seeding match vs nZ which we lost 3-1, we won div3, dropping 2 rounds in the entire season.
  • United Kingdom Ninety Nine Problems (nN): For season 2 of the league, the 00 band wanted to compete, but under a different name (the very creative process: 00 became 99, and while playing KiH in a prac we thought it would be fun to use iNfensus colours for nostalgia, thus the nN tag was born). Currently competing in div2.


MonitorBenQ XL2411Z
MousepadIcemat XL