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playing ET since 2003


Current clan:

United States of America rektem - 3v3 LAN Team

United States of America ipod
United States of America ohurcool
Sweden TiTES

United States of America Eurocans - 6v6 LAN Team

Moldova eujen
United States of America ipod
Netherlands kArma
Netherlands mENACE
United States of America ohurcool
Sweden TiTES

Hungary Albin
Hungary Beast
Hungary rusty
Hungary Sp!d3r
Hungary srph
Hungary Szaszpi (c)
Hungary targeT / Kolyok
Sweden TiTES
Hungary war_you

Sweden B-B (c)
Sweden heNy
Sweden NewB
Sweden nordan
Sweden peligroso
Sweden Svenne
Sweden TiTES

Netherlands Balhaar (c)
Netherlands ins
Scotland Junioo
Netherlands k0wn
Netherlands Marius
Netherlands nicky
Netherlands n0xa
Sweden TiTES
Denmark t0by

Netherlands Juize
Netherlands Lactic
Netherlands Nicky
Netherlands Spty
Netherlands Stiffy
Belgium taLa (c)
Sweden TiTES
Netherlands xyzz

Netherlands Green
Finland Juha
Finland Jylhis
Finland pimpero
Denmark pussie (c)
Sweden TiTES

Estonia Raztih (c)
Netherlands skaFFa
Germany sprno
Sweden TiTES
Netherlands twizah
Netherlands senieL
Netherlands Timor

United Kingdom apple (c)
Czech Republic drearem
Norway fini
United Kingdom mayni
United Kingdom nyke
Sweden TiTES

Germany FimS (c)
Germany KlumPN
Germany lau
Germany razaa
Germany Shouji
Sweden TiTES

Germany ab:norm
Germany bigje
Germany chosen
Germany coOles
Germany crush3r
Germany dCk
Germany flame
Germany flopje
Austria Hal (c)
Germany Hirdhor
Germany kze
Germany lagg3r
Germany luMpi
Germany Sts
Sweden TiTES

Poland B4nd|t
Estonia Bitbeast
Estonia dRaakon
Netherlands DRAAY
Finland JJ (c)
Chile M@x
Croatia Mr.Bean
Sweden TiTES
Canada Tranix

Sweden TiTES (c)
Slovenia Aniq3
France evl
Germany Kevji
Moldova eujen

Moldova eujen
Turkey fireBall
Germany Kevji
Germany stRay (c)
Sweden TiTES

United Kingdom

United Kingdom Artstar
United Kingdom fumble
Sweden Icecrust
Netherlands IceQ
United Kingdom owzo
Canada rito
United Kingdom Scarzy
Sweden TiTES

Sweden askungen
Sweden jOONAS
Sweden lelle
Sweden ratZilla
Sweden smutzig
Sweden TiTES
Sweden tornis (c)

Sweden NuggaN
Sweden slajdan (c)
Sweden TiTES
Sweden tornis
Sweden vktr


Sweden alexL
Sweden cupcake
Sweden jOONAS
Sweden newb
Sweden NuggaN
Sweden olpen
Sweden slajdan
Sweden TiTES
Sweden tornis (c)
Sweden Weslann


Sweden alexL
Sweden NuggaN
Sweden sAvage
Sweden slajdan
Sweden TiTES
Sweden tornis (c)



Quote(2013) Slovenia Aniky about the Grand Final Supski against POLARBEERS:
[...] can most likely be thanked to the likes such as Swedish powerhouse Sweden Tites who showed some incredible performance through the tournament, making his job perfectly executed, [...]

- http://www.crossfire.nu/news/8196/cf-et-cup-spring-division-2-grand-final

Quote(2008) Matchreport Sweden Sweden vs Finland Finland from pedro:
[...]Alas, rat fails - failing to hit a solitude Fin. It's left to Sweden Tites to take down two Fins on the lower level and push on through for the plant, shepherding his engineer Savage with him.Several revives later and with the Swedes swarming[...]

- http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=article&mode=item&id=173&p=4

Quote(2004) srph: Nekünk van egy svéd tagunk Tites, és mindig medicet játszik. Csak annyit szólsz hogy medic! és szúr :)

Translation: We have a new member called Tites. He always plays medic. You just need to shout MEDIC and you get revived


1st Tites Movie 2003-2004 (inactive)
2nd Tites - Lost in ET 2004
3rd Searching Member 2005
4th Ti+es Trailer 2005
4.1. Ti+es Trailer 2008 - Recommended (inactive)
5th Periculum 2006
6th Tites LoLmovie 2007-2009 2009 (inactive)
7th Tites LoLmovie 2010 2010 (inactive)
8th quaco 2010 (inactive)
9th HR - The Movie 2011


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CG 3on3 Ladder (gdef)
CG ET:U 3on3 Summercup'15 (supski)
CB 6v6 CF Spring Cup (supski)
CB 6v6 Ladder (supski)
CB 5v5 Ladder 4 weeks (Teamoxid)
German Community ET-Challenge 5v5 #2 (Teamoxid)
noBra!n Cup 5v5 (quaco)
24.Liga4Fun ET 6on6 (survive)
22.Liga4Fun ET 6on6 (survive)
13.Liga4Fun ET 6on6 (aGu)
6.Liga4Fun Custom ET 6on6 (aGu)
CB 5v5 Summercup'06 (SubTilitas)
CB 6v6 Ladder for 2 weeks (iG)
GET-Ladder (aGu)

#ET 6on6 Cup (supski)
CB 5on5 OpenCup Premier Fall 2010 (Teamoxid)
German Community ET-Challenge 5v5 #1 (Teamoxid)
CB 5v5 Ladder for 2 months (quaco)
CB 3v3 Ladder for 1.5 weeks (iG)
14.Liga4Fun ET 6on6 (aGu)

CB ET 6on6 OC Spring 2013 (supski)
CB 3v3 Ladder (supski)
CB NC XVI 2013 Sweden Team Sweden
ET Top10 January & February (teamoxid) http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=article&mode=item&id=252&p=1
CB 6v6 Ladder for 4 days (quaco)
ESL 6v6 Ladder (iG)
Warleagues Season VII Alpha Playoffs 6on6 (aGu)
1-day-cup (mix)
CB 6v6 Ladder for 1 week (atmc)

4th at 3v3 teamoxid LAN (rektem)

Other achievements:

> EuroCup XXIII (teamoxid)
> Playing LIVE on national television GIGA TV (aGu)
> Sweden Team Sweden - Crossfire NC '08[/b]
vs. Finland Finland, matchreport by pedro: http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=article&mode=item&id=173&p=4
> Sweden Team Sweden - NC XIV 2011[/b]
> Participation at ET Reborn LAN 2015 with asDX (crumbs & eujen)
CPUIntel Core 2 Duo E7400 @ 2.80 GHz
Memory4 Gb
Storage1 Tb
GraphicsATi Radeon HD 4800 Series
Operating SystemWindows Vista Home Edition
MonitorBenQ XL2411Z
KeyboardRazer Arctosa
MouseZowie FK1
MousepadSteelseries Steelpad QcK+
HeadsetSteelseries Siberia V2 white
Connection16 Mbit