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mtvm(cl), shelby, axel, olbaa, lintu, vessar, jet, snail



Many players think it has something to do with the channel mtv... HELL, NO!

mtvm is mors tua vita mea, it comes from latin and it means your death is my life.
In antique rome gladiators used to say this before the murder of the defeated enemy like to justify themselves. Why this? Cause all gladiators were slaves, forced to fight to survive and only the emperor was the owner of their lifes.
Once the enemy was beaten the emperor used to chose for life (thumb up) or death (thumb down]. From there, during the kill, the famous phrase "mors tua vita mea" ... like to say: "i am sorry but it's you or me..."

Description: Basically It's a panzer movie. Nice names on it. I made it short, for 2 reasons. 1. I had poor material,(Only about season XII alpha league and ownitsch cup) all other demos were lost in format.
2. I don't like long fragmovies. They are boring after 5 minutes, imo.

I am not a moviemaker, so don't expect the best quality.
what more to say? Have fun! http://www.megaupload.com/it/?d=C6EQ7TVL

This is the myspace of my bandMany players already enjoyed it. Listen and judge! http://myspace.com/myonionz

title says all http://crossfire.nu/?x=forum&mode=item&id=6569



first edition revival cup 1on1 (rtcw - 2007)
In wl season XII (rtcw - 2006)
xrent cup in (q4 - 2006)
EMS qualifications (et:qw - 2007)
At ESL 1 day cup (et:qw - 2007)
At ESL AMATEUR SERIES (et:qw 2008)
At TGM cup (et:qw - 2008)

---> ATM ENJOYING BF3 In publics <---
CPUInteL i7 920 (2.64 ghz)
MotherboardMSI Eclipse x58
Memory6 gb corsair
Storage7200 rpm
GraphicsAsus Nvidia GTX 275
Soundhttp://myspace.com/myonionz CHECK IT OUT!
Operating Systemwindows 7
MonitorBenQ fp91g+ 8 ms 19" and a daewoo 17"
Keyboardshitty one
Mousea cool g5
Mousepadumm no name mousepad
Headseta headset from LidL
Connectionwimax (radio adsl)