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Member for less than 30 days and already got my posting rights revoked because i made a journal about guns and church.God bless the admins!

I also helped skynet to fix his crossfire account,he thanks me for that in the crossfire irc channel and when Frop saw that he got mad, cause i helped the guy and banned me.Frop i dont know anything about you,as you dont know anything about me,but when u behave like that some things are clear:

1.You are fag
2.You are stupid
3.You are mean
4.You are bored of life
5.You should quit.

[13:33] <skynet`> Problem solved by _joedoe , thanks for help & have a nice day :)
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[13:44] <+Skeit> :P
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[13:47] * You were kicked by Frop (And now eat my poo-poo)