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Current clan : Netherlands cless (and not looking for a team)

Ex clans
Belgium Firion
Norway Solem
Norway aX
Netherlands bullvox
Finland twidi
Belgium Bern
France Frenchkill
Netherlands G-management (stewie)
United Kingdom Sock
Norway Samhain
France Aliquando
Germany pils-

Netherlands Zenix
Netherlands Rezta
Netherlands Appel
Netherlands Yullaw
Netherlands Aemkei
Netherlands Pyromaan
Netherlands Kris
Netherlands bullvox
Netherlands Angel
Netherlands Goodie
Netherlands Dino
Netherlands Efax
Netherlands Bilal
Netherlands Stalker
Netherlands Soul
Netherlands Rocky

Germany bigmassa
United Kingdom Icarion
Netherlands bullvox
Netherlands g3n
Netherlands Adrian
Belgium blue
Belgium gummer
Netherlands Mauzer
Netherlands sTx
Netherlands Soul
United Kingdom w3st
Sweden rat
Germany pils
Germany Tobi
Netherlands NaZ
Norway Solem
Netherlands Rezta
Netherlands Swas
Netherlands Lightning
Netherlands Kris
Czech Republic Butch
Czech Republic Marv

Netherlands Lightning
Germany zerender
Germany chaoz
Netherlands abort
Switzerland GuNnEr
Netherlands bullvox
Spain dr3am
Estonia asd.
Netherlands viakz
Belgium overdrive

Supposed to be a lan team only but didnt turn out the way it should and didnt go to CDC3 with them.

Netherlands Wesbo
Netherlands Kitty
Netherlands Ins
Netherlands Spho
Netherlands bullvox
Netherlands modus

Joined them 3 days before the lan. Played 2 nights with them online and 3 days at CDC3.

Netherlands FrituurKoning
Netherlands Anox
Austria Limbonic
Austria Bruzlah
Finland Jacker
Netherlands bullvox

My CDC4 team

Germany Chosen
Germany Sight
Germany fastus
Germany RoXoR
Germany nk3
Netherlands bullvox

Quote<+ratZillA> bullvox if i go cdc u better not be there =)


With Europe Heartbreakers
5on5 Hosted Cup Premier
6on6 SC 2005 Division 4
NxM Cup #2 Division 4
Get-Cup #3
Tresor ET Cup
OC Spring 2006 Division 3

With Europe pingwins/k1ck
4th at ET Masters
7th place at CPC #2
In a Polish Cup

With Europe team massacre
11th at CDC3

Best admin of the Arctic eSports Challenge by Game-Hosting
In setting up the PC at the CPC2 lan
Plug & Play bullvox.

top 16 poker tournament @ CDC3 (was sitting at the same table as Belgium mesq, Estonia night, Russia humm3l, Finland decem, Netherlands acorn, United Kingdom unblind and last but not least United Kingdom herbal with his pro pokerface!)