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  • July 8, 1988
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Teams: Estonia iNm United Kingdom iNdAMix Europe bigbeats Europe enhanced United Kingdomdeviate

TZAC ID: 00002231

Currently played games: FM2013 / ET / COD2+4 / CSS / L4D2/ BF4

infi_ is bad at ET.

Crossfire lost my old account wp.


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group stage OC prem 6v6 2011 with iNm (theeZakje, Boss, Crook, shitty, scuba, xcon, rNz, chizz6l)
group stage 0C 5v5 2010 with iNm (theeZakje, ruoska, infi, Boss, rNz, Xo)
0C 5v5 2010 with iNm (theeZakje, ruoska, infi, Boss, rNz, Xo) had 2 forfeit final.
winter cup 5v5 2009/10 2nd div with iNm (wsk, cutty, snip0, theeZakje, infi, Xo)
ET SW 2on2 OpenCup Fall 2010 2nd div with iNdAMix
ET SW 3on3 - OpenCup Spring 2010 3rd div with iNdAMix
ET SW 2on2 OpenCup Spring 2011 2nd div with iNdAMix

Played OC prem 6v6 and 3v3