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RTCW OpenCup Fall 2003 div1 with p!mps (backup)
NationsCup VII
NationsCup VIII

EuroCup X - RTCW
NationsCup IV, VII, VIII and The Cup of Nations.


5th re@lan in Paris with 13
Coupe des Régions vol2 with Team Lorraine
Coupe des Régions vol3 3v3 with Team Lorraine
Coupe des Régions vol3 with Team Lorraine
5th re@lan III in Paris with ever

EuroCup XVI (qualifier), XVII, XVIII, XIX
NationsCup X, XI, XII and WorldCup I.

Wolfarea d’or des 3 meilleurs joueurs de l’année 2009 (National)
L’Ardennes Award : les équipes qui ont le plus déçu en 2009 (National) avec WcK <3

- attended CC6 as spectator.
- starring in 2 fragmovies.
- played RtCW from october 2002 until may 2006
- played ET from september 2006 until october 2009 (played it for like 1 day in 2004, and for few weeks in 2005; I even tried the demo when it was released ; fucking shit game if you ask me)
- tried to make a comeback from september 2010 until november 2010 ... fail =)
CPUAMD athlon 2500+
Motherboardasus a7n8x-x
Memory2 x 512MB DDR pc 3200
Storage40gb + 186gb + 80gb
Graphicsgeforce 7800 GS agp
Operating Systemwindows XP home edition SP2
MonitorFLATRON L1915S 19"
Mousemx518 1600dpi 500hz 3 w/s 10 i/s
Mousepadhmm wood
Headsetlabtec 10€ max aux puces
Connectionlivebox (dechien) 800kb/s wireless