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o> sAw Slovenia
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o> sAw Slovenia
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#popstars United States of America

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Quote (13.55.31) (vib|unisol) cru3l was pwnage when he played

Quote (14:58:21) (sAken) i don't like you slovenian cheater community

Quote (19:42:03) (mqtrii) Sry ne pogovarjam se z chiterji
translate: "sry iam not talking with cheaters"

Quote moutoul on 16/12/06, 13:37:07

Why do we have to make avi for? Let s just accuse people and they ll be busted :p.
Nah seriously i played yesterday against a guy called tm.cru3l, he was shooting the wall where i was leaning and stuff lol. I will start considering playing with aimbot, anyway no one give a shit about hackers :x

some idrian players <3:[/i]
Slovenia fZR
Slovenia bronZe
Slovenia noctiferia.
Slovenia tekkzor
Slovenia sAw

image: et9sc
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@ Warleagues VII Alpha I group (Benelux Team-massacre)
@ cup-reLic 11 edition (Algeria Los Bastardos)
@ cdap 3v3 v3 cup (Algeria Los Bastardos)
@ cup-reLic 12 edition (Algeria Los Bastardos)
@ iNvictus-cup #3 (Algeria Los Bastardos)

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