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2# 4v4 Sacrifice Draft CUP GetCracked! 2021 - Quake Champs
1# 2v2 TDM Annihilation BYOC Lan Brno #2 2021 - Quake Champions
1# 5on5 BYOC PARTY 2011 Cachovice with inteRaction - W:ET
3# 5on5 Intel Lancraft-Silensia 2010 with Artificial Intelligence - W:ET
4# Asus ROGunderground LAN - Brno group-A 2010 Quake Live
5# CreonTech Lanparty 2010 - Quake Live
Best Aimer on MegaLanParty II,III,IV 2006-08 - W:ET,Q3A,COD2,BiA 2

Playing for Czech Republic Quakelive 2011-13 : CTF.iCTF
- http://clanbase.ggl.com/claninfo.php?cid=1077652
- http://www.basearena.org/community/clan/101/czech-republic.htm

LoL payer - (Wolfiiiboy)
Steam - (wolF the beAst)
Q2,Q3,ET,COD4,cod2 -player (wolf,wolfje,wolfiiiboy)

(")_(") Bunny4U :xD

Wolfenstein:ET Teams:
Czech Republic iF - inFlames
Europe Vortex
Europe BDB - Bring Disco Back
Europe vf* - Virtuals Fighters
Czech Republic 68
Czech Republic Regnet
Czech Republic Ostrava team
Czech Republic Ai - artificial Intelligence
Czech Republic Rainbow
Czech Republic Trolls
Czech Republic Alliancze White
Czech Republic Leguans

QL Teams:
Czech Republic CZE - Czech Republic <- play for
Czech Republic RBLS
Czech Republic Dtr
Czech Republic QL_CZ - Czech QuakeLive
Europe 3vl - evil gaming
Europe r3vol - Revolt Guns

CoD4 Teams:
Czech RepublicAvenders
Czech RepublicFeaf Gamning
Czech Republic Maximal Anger
Czech Republic RNA
Czech Republic BS - Blood Shadow multigaming
Czech Republic Sofp
Czech Republic Infect
Europe HELL RidErs

CoD2 Teams:
Czech Republic 4 Fun
Czech Republic mA
Czech Republic PASSW
Czech Republic r'
Czech Republic bBOYS
Czech Republic 3F
Europe Hellriders

CS:GO Teams:
Czech Republic CLS
Czech Republic Warriors

Quake Champions:
Czech Republic Wolf's Gaming/Panic Prefire
Czech Republic Pink Panters - PP
Europe Annihilation - AN <-Play for

Wolfenstein ET teasting:

QuakeLive Teasting:

Asus ROG undergroung video reportage-

Quake Champions


We love mice: Razer Abyssus !!!


CPUIntel i9-9900KS
MotherboardASUS Maximus Formula XI
MemoryPatriot viper 3800Mhz 16Gb
Storage1T+512GB samsung EVO + 500Gb solit
GraphicsASUS strix Poseidon GTX 1080 ti 11G
SoundASUS MB + Trust GXT 2.1
Operating SystemW 10 PRO x64
MonitorASUS Strix Swift 360Hz , AOC G2460PG 1080@144Hz
KeyboardCZC Hafling
MouseCoolermaster mm720 -TOP
MousepadCoolermaste P520
HeadsetLogitech Gpro
ConnectionTelefonica O2 - 50/5M