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Netherlands Thunder ><|T|>< 2003
Netherlands Hard 2 Own H2O| 2003
Netherlands Masters of Darkness [MoD] 2004
Europe Disconnect #Disconnect 2004
Netherlands Force Force' 2004
Belgium Revolution rvL` 2004-2005
Belgium UniQue Vision uniQue \ Nothing is Impossible nI' 2005
Netherlands Krauts [krauts] 2005
Europe MenTiz menTiz' 2006
Europe quAntocius quAn 2006-2007
England Sublime Gaming Sublime 2007
Europe Overdose Gaming overdose 2007
Netherlands Overload Gaming OVERLOAd. 2007
Europe Tacky #tacky 2007
Europe Violence is bad vib 2008
United Kingdom Team YoYoTech YYT.AMD 2009
Netherlands Prienaren in Force PiF 2010

United Kingdom Power-Gaming

Current team:

Junkie': ik zoek wel nieuwe e-buddy's
`vanquish his bot may be dissabled(some say) he can still use ins's bot np4him

Take care all.