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xfire : panzercamper
email : secret
icq : 166883043
TZAC user profile (00006384)
ESL Acc https://play.eslgaming.com/player/920196/

It was a great time that unfortunately is over now. I thank all who accompanied me during this time and I wish you all the best for the future. So no more Competive ET for me...

image: et_trash

What and where I am currently playing

Star Trek Online
(Community Manager Armada)
- The Redshirt's Armada (Fed)
- House of Redshirt's (KDF)

Enemy Territory Public Fun


Germany Z1ppo
Germany Hunter
Germany GERman
Germany $hadow
Austria Grinch
Germany Grim
Germany Dest
Germany LyLy
Austria in.Sane
Germany Freakaz
Germany Scare
Germany d-luX
Germany m1Ke

What I played:

Star Trek Voyager Elite Force

Germany animax.ef
Europe essential.ef (Orga)
Europe Team Helix.ef
Europe Warlord Crew (Orga)
Baden-Württemberg Team Baden Württemberg

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Germany VoDW (Squad Leader)
Austria castelfront
Europe essential.rtcw (Clan Leader

Enemy Territory

Germany VoDW ( Squad Leader & War Orga)
Germany Insidious Campers (War Orga)
Germany eraZed
Germany eVolution
Germany minuS Gaming
Germany my_eSsential (Founder & Leader)
Germany noFear
Germany Rauchende Colts
Baden-Württemberg Team Stuttgart
Baden-Württemberg Team Baden Württemberg
Austria cdap v.22
Germany eLemenT'Earth
Germany dGaming
Germany Sleep@ xlibres
Germany Highvoltage
Germany oneway
Germany pugx Gaming

Battlefield Series (1942 - BFBC2)

Germany Insidious Campers
Sweden gameNess

Call of Duty Series (1-2 +4)

Germany Insidious Campers
Germany bcg.nVidia
Germany The Devils Regiment
Germany KSD Multigaming

Wolrd of Warcraft (lvl 80)

Germany Insidious Creatures
Germany For the Horde

Destiny 2

Germany ocrana

Community Projekts

Germany Fun4Gamer ET (Head Admin)
Germany community4gamer (Head Admin & Founder)


Playing Online Games since 2000
Back from 6 Years breake
Hunt some Cheaters @ ET
Waste manny time about Gaming

ESPL Ladder AW CTF 365 Days with Europe essential
ESPL 1v1 Liga All Weapons CTF
CB/ EFL s1 with Europe wrld Crew
CB/EFL s2 with Europe wrld Crew
CB/EFL s3 with Europe wrld Crew
Desiliga with Germany Team Helix
Desiliga with Europe essential
Deutscher Länder Cup with Baden-Württemberg BW.ef
Fun4Gamer Liga with Germany [VoDW]
Clan Intern 2v2 League with Team Borg
Clan Intern 1v1 League

Getliga 3on3 with Germany my_essential [2008]
Liga4fun with Germany my_essential [2009]