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Germany Team-Germany
Germany Kill Them Slowly
Germany AoW
Germany Plasa
Germany Yermanz
Germany RockIT
Germany Highbot
France gZcon
Denmark Nordic-eSports
Italy Vagrants
Europe g2p
Europe dOJA
Europe TAG
- Enemy Territory Aimer of the Year 2015
- Enemy Territory Player of the Year 2015
- Enemy Territory Breakthrough Player of the Year 2011
- Enemy Territory Player of the Year 2011
- Who can easily shoot headshots '12 in Wolfenstein:ET
- Who is the best aggressive medic '12 in Wolfenstein:ET

MVP ET Reborn LAN 2015 3on3

ET Reborn LAN 2015 3on3 Germany FiREBALL & Germany s1LENT
2011 3v3 CB OpenCup Spring Premier - United KingdomQueens
ET 3on3 OpenCup Fall 2008. Germany HIGHBOT
ET 3on3 Nationscup 2014 Germany gr0ss & Germany s1LENT
EuroCup XXIV - ET SW 6on6 Europe g2p
ET Masters LAN 2015 Germany Yermanz
ET United LAN 2015 6on6 Germany Playing-Ducks
ET United LAN 2015 3on3 Germany Playing-Ducks
3on3 Nationscup 2010 Germany gr0ss & Germany s1LENT
ET Reborn LAN 2015 6on6 Germany Yermanz
Battle for Berlin 2011 Belgiumg2p
NC XIV Germany Team-Germany
EC XXIII - ET SW 5on5 Denmark Nordic-eSports
Adroits - ET - Masters Germany PDEG

4th NC XIII Germany Team-Germany
4th Sage-Adroits LAN Enschede '11 Denmark Nordic-eSports
5th Antwerpen eSports Festival '10 Germany SPEEDLiNK
5th EuroCup XXI - ET SW 5on5 Germany SPEEDLiNK