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I hate cheaters so bad, the hate comes from so deep in my heart, that if I meet one in real life, I'll cut his fingers one by one, then use those fingers to assfuck and skullfuck him, then let him eat em, then I'll cut his leg off, assfuck him with it, whip his head with it, then I go sit on his face and I shit in his mouth, then I slowly cut his neck open, shit in it, and then use his head as a bowling ball, then I start kicking his body until I broke every bone, and then I use the bones to scrape his intesties out of his belly, and I use his darms to make a nice mustache at his face.

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Reign of War

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Belgium cro0ked - for being my bookwritercompagnon
Netherlands Loekino - for being a spamslut
Finland Ruipperi - for putting so much effort in dissing me
Germany Evilynn - for being sexy and the bestest female here @ crossfire
Poland Sol - for constantly banning me n stuff
Romania Nebunika - for being a hot nurse!
England Bulld0g - for being my superior anticheat-jedi
Poland KiL|3rBoY - for making the highest amount of useless busts
Netherlands Rezhni - for wanting to beat me up, a.k.a making me lol
Turkey Banaan - for being a star in Loekino's genial song
Switzerland Lady - for being Puu's sister, and just being an awesome, sexy and sweet gamerchick, and making me an awesum profile!!!!!
Belgium Fab - for being fap + epic funny lolzor irc conversation dude!

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Name: Spree McCheeseburger
Nick: Spree
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Country: The Netherlands
Date Of Birth: 26-12-1989
Relation: The fucking bitch dumped me! :<
Occupation: Part-Time Designer
Favorite Music: Metal
Myspace.com: www.myspace.com/reignofwar
Length: 1.96m
Shoesize: 50
Sports: Running, Cycling, Pushups/Situps/Weightlifting
Hobbies: Doing arts, Sports, Computer mechanics
Skill: Med
Current Clan(s): None
Favorite Class: Medic
Multiplayer Games: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - Call Of Duty 2 + 4
Yawn: http://www.yawn.be/findPlayer.yawn?gamecode=ET&etproGuid=1462174F06BAEF8E00E1B12A4368CFA06B77DD36
Cheating History: None[/hide]
QuotejulianK<3foonr on 07/05/08, 22:49:16

So I suppose I'm not the only one thinking about what little girls will look like when you see some on the streets? Always felt like a weirdo having these thoughts :(

QuoteScarzy on 23/11/07, 01:43:53
brb wanking.

QuoteRazZaH on 23/11/07, 01:37:53
i know a boy with bigger boobs than her :>
he played et too...now et:qw.....
spree. on 23/11/07, 01:45:13
What is Hummel?

Don't just believe what you have been tought as a child, instead explore all possibilities. Try to understand in what we live, not to where we go in the afterlife. One can not do complicated maths without knowing how to count.

Quotespree: is je software weer gemaakt, meneer de loekino-24/7xfirerefresher-robot?!
Loekino: bliep bliep me no dutchdisk has me no meee bliep battery low

Quote[10:48] <spree> good morning you sexy animallovers and treehuggers
[10:48] <Rhand> die in hell
[10:49] <Rhand> burn*
[10:50] <spree> <3 you too


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(still play it though ^^)

» Yes Lady was here :D


• got all my fucking info deleted by some admin
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PlayStation 3 username: Exitspree
CPUamd 4200+
Memory2gb ddr
Graphics2x geforce7800GTX
Soundonboard 7.1
Operating Systemwindows xp
Monitorfp71gx 19inch
Headsetsome €40,- logitech
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