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#iNmotion v7 We roll face, and we have infi. NOW WHAT?!
Estonia infi_ My love and hate. But our 1 true God
Belgium Boss Shares my hatred for infi, and rolls face
United Kingdom theeZakje they low he pro, biggest loller alive BRAP
Iceland rNz Overrated NC player, all he does is silly jumps
Finland ruoska Finnish power aimer, lives in a concentration camp without internet and 129913 brothers and sisters.
Netherlands Xo` The one true SneakerKing. LAN proof @ sucking. Online rapist!

Mixing with the nice ppl from #6aHgA and the slightly disturbed from #bigbeats

AEF LAN with +frwd/Zoo/Bad Player Circus
11th AEF LAN
invictus one day cup
United KingdomrAzbo
United Kingdomunblind
United KingdomAdacore


theezakje (<3)
Etnies (quit ET)
lots more nubs

Awaiting Diablo 3
Playing les random 3o3's and mixes

My collection of Nike SB's (excluding other shoes):
image: 091608155016-1

Newest Addition:
image: green-nike
image: nkdk022

Currently Owning:
image: 305050-103
image: 1502312999_d3cb667fa4
image: 1040
image: nike-sb-august-2007-2
image: nike-sb-may-2008-1-749114
image: newlobdunk
image: nike-sb-dunk-high-jason-voorhees
image: img_4965copy

Can't stop buying :< I'm addicted :<<<

Previous Clans:
United Kingdom h1tman
Germany wsk
Germany nk3
Finland kultp
Scotland slasheh Anonymous
Amsterdam Xo`

Ireland Etnies


#team-Jote "worst mix team ever to play OC premier league" (according to w1za <3)

#iStar New Squad!: hAyaa, PhyZic, Pearl, FrAp, Xo`, Andeh (for a short while ;P).
Backups: chamire, Edge, p0rtrait, zomec.
Manager: L0cK.

#pstarZ/#replay: hAyaa, semtex, Metsurii, FrAp, skyr/ska, Xo!, Pearl.

#iStar: Angrykid, Lunachick, Edge, L0cK, zomec, Tommie, p0rtrait, Xo!, chamire, tyyrd, Pearl. Bulld0g, wobbles, aaz, Ni7e, wobbles, spoink, splodge, mayniac, fuxor, coOles, hmekk, ^jESUS, m1ke, zakko, and many others i prolly forgot.


#iMMINENT: rN, maXXar, stx, antz, asmo, Xo`. 2 weeks :<

And ofc:
13th: Love you guys, ahh the memories!
SenF: bigass line up with some nice guys ;) <3

Lots more xDD

Slept in one room with potty, unblind, meez, razbo, and baggiez. The room only had 2 beds..
Hung around with the cube lot on LAN (razbo, owzo, potty, unblind) <3 also Seanza, baggiez, meez, smurf + panic!
"You're so good at putting words in right order!" -zommy
Went to cc6 with team NeXuS! Good fun, good weed. Last place np4us
Knifed Germanyrisee 2 times in 2 mins on cc6!
et_headshot champion 2008 (default win over cainer, no show)
very smart according to AL1!
[22:40] <AL1`> ure very smart
[22:40] <AL1`> for a dutch person :s

[23:18] <@TLR|Seanza> loaded your pic
[23:18] <@TLR|Seanza> and my PC's resolution turned to AWESOMExAWESOME
Got frenchie in buddy list :< (But he doesn't want to be french HA! <3 mustii)

Amazing infi quotes:
On TS whilst talking about flying in da plane and it crashes:
"ahhhhhh i'm going down, tell my wife i love him!"

On Steve Jobs:
"Wasn't he like alive a couple of years ago?" and a bit later:
"Well he was already dead before he died"

"wtf I opened my TV without touching the remote somehow"

"i wouldn't mind being eaten by a shark"
"the worst thing i hate is drowning"


Beat d.intel on adlernest @ YCN cup. With best docrun ever!
Germany Gemb Sunday, 27th March 2011 21:37

OC 3on3 Fall 2010 final vs #Sydamenasialla (final lineup Slarto, Hardyrah and Jofaa) GG's OH BTW 6th league :XD

[19:56] <@Suiy> i balled him first
[19:56] <@Suiy> :DDD
[19:56] <@Suiy> then i balled a crosseyed kid
[19:56] <@Suiy> and a short fat bloke

Beat Netherlandsabort @ CPMA first 1o1 i played ever!
Get Liga with iStar
a4d. fall cup 2006 with iStar
CB UK Ladder with SenF Green woheowheohw!
Didn't lose a single match in WL Alpha but dropped cause team died :<
CPUIntel Core 2 Duo E6850
MemoryTeam Elite, 2048 mb, DDR2, dual channel.
StorageSeagate Barracuda 7200.10, 250 GB, 7200 RPM, 16 MB, SATA II
GraphicsXFX 8800 GT
SoundOn Board \o/
Operating SystemVista
MonitorA nais1 ol dell, waiting for moneyz to get a decent one xD
Keyboarda nice1 standard thingy
Mousepadsome cloth thingy
Headseta cheap one