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  • Alwin van der Poel
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Cheer up! :)
Adolf the disco fuher
Magical trevor
Cs h4xx0r
Egg song
Nobody hates the chocolate
Back on request Llama song

Motherboard:ASUS p4 PE
CPU:Pentium 4 2,4 Ghz
Headphones:Cosonic cd-610m
Memory:1024 Mb ram
Video card:Radeon X800XT Platinum Edition
Monitor:Medion Lcd 19 inch
Mouse:Razer Diamondback
Mouseskates:Teflon tape
connection:256k cable
Os:Windows XP
Favorite Games:Far cry,Enemy Territory,Return to castle Wolfenstein,Warcraft 2+3,NFSU 1+2,
Half-life 1+2,World of Warcraft,Lineage 2,
Famous moments:Being in a magazine called Donald duck
Being on TV Fox Kids
Mabye also known from the website crossfire.
EX clans:DR (Dutch Reinforcements
Voltage (Team Voltage)
Hype (Hype gaming)
OS (Orto Sole)
Achievements:Best 16 Clans clanbase Opencup.
Best 16 Clanbase et benelux
Best 31 Clanbase 3on3 et
Favorite Food:Potato chips , fries, Appels , Peanut botter , Salad ,
Food i hate:errrr shit for the rest i donno
Ppl i hate:Darkie , Hertze , Makavo , cheaters , Duablo ,
Ppl i like:Not gayzor
Buddies:All buddies from school and et friends to much to write down.
Favorite DJ:Cor ????
Best song ever:Wow we are going to ibiza forgot the artists :(
Best game ever:Return To castle Wolfenstein
Best ET Shot ever:Shooting 5 men in the end getting us in the fina playoffs.


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