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Ex clans:
Netherlands Destroyer (founder)
Netherlands Jackoskater (founder)
Netherlands TriFlip (founder)
Belgium Rhand
Netherlands Frenkolijzer
Belgium Falconneke
Netherlands DiazZ
Netherlands LopezZ
Netherlands GonzalezZ
Belgium 4thDimension
Belgium P5Y
Belgium FoCuS
Netherlands viBer
Netherlands mecCi
Belgium Lefty
Belgium MATTIE
Belgium Whistler
Netherlands Realflub
Netherlands Uncle Sam
Belgium brutal
Belgium eron
Netherlands FoX
Netherlands Skinhead
Netherlands Ovie
Netherlands FireFly
Netherlands Dartmaster
Belgium Vindicater
Belgium XoZy
Netherlands Noxzzor
and maybe some others I forgot.

Once KKC, always KKC

Netherlands TriFlip
Netherlands fl0epie/twinzzy
Netherlands Hoog
Germany Alex
Anonymous Lionair
Anonymous some others I forgot

Netherlands Frenky (manager)

Belgium Anaconda
Netherlands TriFlip
Netherlands Eddo
Netherlands 7ele
France Stormy`
Germany beN

Germany Felix

Netherlands zzaps
Netherlands Djigi
Netherlands TriFlip
Netherlands Quik
Netherlands Vane
Netherlands v1tal

Netherlands BaZz
Netherlands Jeff
Netherlands Derbinho
Netherlands Frenky
Netherlands paK

Netherlands Frenky (manager)
Netherlands Snorfiets (waterboy)

Belgium Anaconda
Belgium nazty
Netherlands TriFlip
Netherlands Eddo
Netherlands NoHead
Netherlands kOEKJE

Illuminati, the mastrubating world order.
Netherlands Frenky
Lithuania sami
Netherlands Ironic
Netherlands Hassan
Netherlands trickeh / Jakez
Netherlands snor

Netherlands Derb
Slovenia Zebra

Germany Felix
Germany Hocki
Belgium Buzzer
Belgium Nickje
Netherlands TriFlip

Netherlands Frenky
Netherlands Ironic
Netherlands Snorfiets
Netherlands TriFlip
Netherlands zzaps
Netherlands v1tal

Netherlands Tw1zZt
Netherlands Jakez`
Finland vAtu
Poland illusioN

shoutouts <3:
Netherlands Frenky :: Veenendaal Gangster
Netherlands dutchiegirl :: Just LOL
Belgium Anaconda :: For the fun @ CC5 & CC6
Netherlands NoHead :: For being a nice guy
Benelux Whole KKC :: It's KKC!
Anonymous Team Randoms :: CC5 ownage
Benelux Team More Randoms :: CC6 ownage


Santa Claus Cup (KKC, 2005)
UFF SummerCup (KKC 2007)
4th Streamcup (KKC, 2008)
Wolfrof 1daycup (as Project6 trail, 2009)
CB OC 6v6 Fall 2009 5th league (RAZZIA*)

Fun achievements:
Anonymous Playing ET since December 2004
Anonymous Delivered Winghaven a dutch girl at CDC4
Anonymous Visited Loekino's Love Island
Anonymous Didn't end last at CC5 with Team Randoms
Anonymous Didn't end last at CC6 with Team More Randoms
Anonymous Fanboyed Benelux WCTNCTCPI at CiC7
Anonymous Didn't end last at AEF because there were too much dodgers
CPUIntel Core i7 9750H
Memory32GB DDR4
Storage512TB NVME SSD
GraphicsGeforce 1660TI MaxQ
Operating SystemWindows 11 Pro
MonitorLaptop screen
KeyboardKeychron K4v2
MouseLogitech G603
MousepadSteelseries Qck
Connection1000/1000 Mbit fiber