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Denmark bLAZ3R

WSF - Wolfenstein Special Forces] Squad from 2003-2004
Denmark .WSF|bLAZ3R (captain)
Denmark .WSF|Spektr
Denmark .WSF|Huhannes
Denmark .WSF|Divad
Belgium .WSF|BiatcH
Belgium .WSF|Generalz

Europe Signum[/b]] Squad from 2004-2005
Netherlands Signum|Legacy (captain)
Denmark Signum|bLAZ3R
Denmark Signum|JH
Denmark Signum|Jetz
United Kingdom Signum|Snz
United Kingdom Signum|DocHoliday

Denmark Team Denmark 2005[/b]]
Denmark Arachon.dk (captain)
Denmark Darkie.dk
Denmark Ankel.dk
Denmark Gyzr.dk
Denmark Jetz.dk
Denmark oBs.dk
Denmark bLAZ3R.dk

Europe WSF - World Source Fighters[/b]] Squad from 2005-midt 2005
Denmark WSF^bLAZ3R (captain)
Denmark WSF^Spektr
Denmark WSF^Wobber
Denmark WSF^Frode
Belgium WSF^Generalz
Belgium WSF^.X.!
United Kingdom WSF^Skydeh
United Kingdom WSF^Waki

Germany pstarZ[/b]] Squad from midt 2005- midt 2006
Denmark pstarZ bLAZ3R (captain)
Denmark pstarZ oBs
Belgium pstarZ uNDEAD
Belgium pstarZ .X.!
Belgium pstarZ EtRnL
Slovenia pstarZ WiseBoy
Estonia pstarZ indu

Europe WSF now known as coitio [/b]] Squad from Sep. 2006 - December 2006
Denmark coitio.bLAZ3R (captain)
Denmark coitio.Arachon
Belgium coitio.Generalz
Belgium coitio.uNDEAD
Belgium coitio.Xn[]bZ
United Kingdom coitio.HerBal
Germany coitio.Noorgrin

Europe Juegii [/b]]
Denmark juegii.bLAZ3R (captain)
Denmark juegii.SpektR
Belgium juegii.Jada
Belgium juegii.Lazio
Belgium juegii.uNDEAd
United Kingdom juegii.Griim
Sweden juegii.rat

Denmark Team Denmark 2006[/b]]
Denmark SqZe.dk (captain)
Denmark Bamze.dk
Denmark Gyzr.dk
Denmark Fisken.dk
Denmark Fryzer.dk
Denmark bLAZ3R.dk
Denmark Nudge.dk

Denmark Kapow! (sHg LAN Team)[/b]]
Squad from Dec. 2006 - Feb 2007
Denmark Kapow! Pading (captain)
Denmark Kapow! flex
Denmark Kapow! oBs
Denmark Kapow! suA
Denmark Kapow! Ludvig
Denmark Kapow! bLAZ3R

Squad from Feb. 2007 - Aug 2007
Denmark Arachon.ALIS
Denmark bLAZ3R.ALIS
United Kingdom Baggiez.ALIS
United Kingdom h20xygen.ALIS
Netherlands Maverick888.ALIS
Netherlands Ronner.ALIS

Switched to ET:QW in Oktober 2007 when the original came out. Played for 6 month and quit gaming totally.

Squad from Oct. 2007 - December 2007
:: Website ::
Denmark #infinity.PHaze
Denmark #infinity.bLAZ3R
Denmark #infinity.Katarn
Denmark #infinity.Ico
Denmark #infinity.bamZe
Denmark #infinity.vimar

Started playing ET again in april 2010.

Squad from Apr. 2010 - Nov. 2010
:: Website ::
Denmark Claes ".WSF|bLAZ3R" Ladefoged
Belgium Wannes ".WSF|Generalz" Vermeulen
Denmark Zilas ".WSF|Spektr" Ladefoged
Belgium Falke ".WSF|ecklav" Vannoppen
Belgium Jan ".WSF|Jera" Vanvelk
Belgium Martjin ".WSF|Pietje" Moreel
Belgium Rowan ".WSF|NawoR" Vanrusselt

Current team:
Denmark Claes "bLAZ3R" Ladefoged
Belgium Wannes "Generalz" Vermeulen




#4 at 3on3 opencup div 5 with Denmark WSF
NxM cup div 4 with Denmark WSF
CB OC 2006 3v3 with Belgium pstarZ
CB OC 2006 6v6 Div 2 with Belgium pstarZ
CB OC 2007 3v3 OC with Europe coitio

#8 at sHgopen 2007 with Denmark Kapow!